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Rules of notebook battery life

With the gradual prevalence of laptop computers, notebook computers on the use of all aspects of the attendant problems. The current debate in a variety of media, the most number of notebook batteries to the proper use of methods, some article said that the use of personal experiences notebook batteries, while others claimed the guidance of experts, since there are all kinds of stories, people who engage in the brain dizziness spent. How to use it in the end this expensive consumables it?
 Studied chemistry are aware that Lithium is a very active alkali metal elements, the general can not directly use the simple substance of lithium, it is prone to explosion. In lithium-ion inside some rare metals such as manganese, lithium can inhibit the appropriate level of activity. At the same time in unit volume due to its relatively large storage capacity, and then there is no apparent "memory effect", is now widely used in notebooks are rare metals such additions of lithium polymer batteries. Oh, but that the face of a wide range of online, how do you minds?
 The new lithium batteries need to buy a few (3?) Full charge and discharge can be fully activated, and the first charge to more than 10 hours straight.
 Yesterday, I heard in the elevator just to buy a notebook users with a sale is to discuss the matter. The sale, said the new notebook to buy, the home of three lithium FPCBP198 batteries need to fully charge and discharge can be fully activated, and the first charge to more than 10 hours straight in order to guarantee the future use of the performance of lithium batteries.
 According to the information at hand, the lithium battery should be activated in the factory was completed. The process of lithium batteries should be activated in the absence of the need to "recharge" the existence of the protection circuit can be completed. Factory after the internal lithium battery has been installed to protect their own circuit, so that according to the above described sales method to activate the lithium rechargeable batteries have no significance.
 Under normal circumstances, when the laptop shows 100% charge when the battery protection circuit has refused to charge the battery, and even if flying can not plug into the electric charge, we can through a simple experiment to verify this. We all know that the battery in the charger when the battery internal resistance because of the relationship between the heat, when the battery is full to keep the power plug does not pull at least an hour after you touch the battery to see if there is a higher temperature? The results must be cold. Because there is no battery charge and discharge into the natural process will not heat.
 We try to think, if the battery is really more than 10 hours after the so-called activation process, its surface temperature should be quite high. However, the energy conversion is a very complex process, the internal storage battery materials and are more "delicate" of the. If there is no charge and discharge control circuit protection, more than 10 hours after continuous charging, the battery is not turned into a small bomb dangerous?
 Notebook manufacturers will be a statement on the new proposal allows you to charge the battery more than 10 hours. This may allow some users have had this erroneous point of view. My understanding is that notebook makers will take into account a number of new users may be using a new battery when the charge can not fully grasp the skills. If these users directly to ensure that the charging time of 10 hours, some more secure.
 How to charge?
 Lithium battery life is mainly reflected in the charge-discharge cycle, this cycle is the concept of an absolute, for example, the use of your last 30% of the electricity, and then filled with electricity, the future, they used 70% of the electricity, and then filled with electricity, the can only be counted as a charge cycle, rather than two. So those who do like to use rechargeable batteries of the players total their own right, it actually accelerated the end of battery life. Only to complete a battery capacity of 100% can be counted as one cycle.
 In fact, the exhaustion of the rechargeable battery from the old nickel-cadmium batteries from. Nickel-cadmium battery storage materials is subject to a clear memory effect, if clinging to make electricity use, the battery with the increase in the frequency of use showed less and less power consumption state. Later, the nickel-metal hydride battery, in fact, has no apparent memory effect, but still need to complete charge and discharge to maintain their normal consumption, which is sold in some Japanese on the Ni-MH charger will provide a refresh function origin. Lithium batteries and there was virtually no memory effect, of course, after prolonged use or charging curve will be slightly inaccurate, Apple Web site has provided a page devoted to how to charge and discharge batteries correction, not a lot of tuning frequency.
 On the charge, we have to mention the issue of charge time. We still have from the old nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery about the slow charge mode. On the original battery charger circuit design is relatively backward, the general order for the rechargeable battery in the charger to maintain close to normal when the temperature, to prevent cell damage, have been slow to use a small current charging mode, and this circuit in general circumstances do not determine the precise function of power. Therefore, the proposed user charge manufacturers are 14-16 hours, the error will generally be in 2,3 hours, if the charge flow is too large, will have charge of battery causing serious injury.
 Now, fast charging lithium batteries have a very good circuit on detection of power, you can use the high-current pulse fast charging, and also to maintain the battery in the normal temperature range, and to close to full power soon time, in order to prevent over charge, the circuit from the high-current pulse is converted to a progressive narrowing of the trickle charge, so that full power even if the detection of some deviation, the closer as a result of electrical current over the smaller, at the last minute of the charge current is close to 0, there is no battery damage, which is why 80% of lithium batteries before charging only 1 hours to complete, and full of the last 20% of the electricity but the reasons for a longer period of time.
Whether the external power supply off the battery?
 In fact, when the external power supply, the dell battery is removed, the conflicts focused on the use of external power supply when the battery is charging up the issue. Due to the number of battery charge and discharge is directly related to the life of lithium batteries in general set the number of charging and discharging are fixed number of charge cycles only 400-600 times, specially the products to improve the 800, however, each rechargeable battery to retire a a step forward.
 The first perspective is nothing more than fear of the use of power, the battery will be recharged on the top, not only increase the number of charge cycles and will have sufficient cause. The second view is that the battery is full power on the computer, in the use of external power supplies will not recharge.
 In fact, both views have their right side, but also the wrong place. Because it is only the views expressed by individual people, not very comprehensive. Many notebook vendors now have to take into account the vulnerability of the battery, the product has been added to the protection of the battery technology. Of course, a different brand of rechargeable laptop battery protection of the corresponding technology is different, the main big manufacturers in this area is pretty good, such as: ThinkPad, HP, Toshiba battery ......
 Which is considered the most thoughtful ThinkPad. At present a full range of ThinkPad notebook computers can detect not only discharge the battery, but can detect the number of battery charge and discharge. ThinkPad notebook and the battery only when less than 95% will be automatically recharged. This can play a very good protective effect of the battery, and now have quite a number of other manufacturers to follow. Therefore, the battery like this, you do not need to use when drawing down, because only when the power is lower than 95% of the time it will charge.
 In addition a number of "small brand" notebook batteries, may not enjoy such treatment because it has not done inside the battery protection technology. As the battery after a certain period of time do not lost some of its own electricity, this is a win no matter what you come to or installed in the books are the same, but when power fell, the charging circuit is necessary to determine whether under normal use for the power, if it is This charge will be again, imagine if the place is full of power time and then again filled, so that although the user does not really use the battery, but batteries are constantly engaged in a small amount of the charge and discharge, accumulated in the consumption of the battery is actually effective release cycle of filling, so good design will be a good circuit protection, as soon as the end of charging, the circuit will automatically cut off, then even if the batteries do not lead to long-term capacity to fall will not automatically start charging, unless you switch to battery mode use.
 In actual use, we may find that the use of lithium batteries will be increasingly short of time. This is how the case? In fact, the production of lithium battery materials is a kind of active substances, active substances will be aging. And the production of lithium battery materials, the extent of the use of frequency and use of the environment, the temperature conditions are more sensitive and so on. The life of lithium batteries in general charge and discharge is 300 ~ 500 times the natural depletion of the battery will continue to significantly shorten the battery time. Of over-charging and over-discharge, the battery will be the rapid reduction of the activity, a direct result of the rapid aging of lithium batteries. In their daily lives, we still have to be careful with the use!
 If the asus battery dormant for a long time, Li-ion battery is fully charged should not add it later? Definite answer is wrong! ; Power consumption over-fed, or too low, will cause too much lithium battery on the positive or negative around this place for long-term lithium battery is very harmful! As the battery's own self-discharge, such as the full discharge of lithium batteries further irreparable damage, and even the battery may be unable to use.
 Here, I give the best way is to charge the battery to 75% of the time and then placed in order to avoid the battery self-discharge because of their own will power all of the release of the phenomenon, and ultimately lead to cell damage. And then use plastic wrap, to find a dry, avoid direct sunlight according to the local place. ThinkPad machines anyway after opening the packaging, the first battery when the battery are generally 75%.
 Why 75% of the electricity if it? This like water in the 4 degrees Celsius, when the largest proportion of the same. 75% of the time, the battery self-discharge effect of the smallest, if not long-term placement, of course, to let the impact of self-discharge of the smallest battery ah! Also, do not make long-term consumption of around 75%, preferably one or two months out with time.
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