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ASUS U80V laptop battery|A32-U80 6 cells Li-ion Batteries

ASUS U80V laptop battery|A32-U80 6 cells Li-ion Batteries

ASUS A32-U80 Laptop Battery
  • Product ID:1001966
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:11.25 V
  • Battery Capacity:5600 mAh (6 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
ASUS A32-U80 Laptop Battery
ASUS U81 laptop batteries can replace the following part number:

Coated in piano black, with extremely deep set, blue reflective particles and with trims of silver, the new Asus U series manages to evoke a sensation of stylishness right out of the box.The design of the ASUS U80v is inspired by one of the world�s thinnest creations, the wings of a butterfly, and also features subtly shimmering glitters on the LCD lid. It boasts a slim and elegant profile, which resembles the curvature of the wings of a butterfly once opened.

Opening to the inside, you'd swear you were presented with the PC equivalent of the MacBook. Chiclet-style keys (DELL Alienware M17X laptop batteries), a backlit keyboard and a multi-touch touchpad with lights that follow the touch of your finger are the orders of the day. A single sensor on the left adjusts the brightness of the screen dynamically depending on the environment you're in, as well as auto-switching off the keyboard backlight when things get bright enough. Unlike the MacBook, the user has control over the brightness, able to set three different levels, or switch it off entirely.

The 14-inch glossy, 1366x768 screen is attached to a circular hinge, meaning no ports are on the back � only the front and sides. An air vent sits on the left-hand side, meaning left handed external mouse users may feel a warm breeze during use.

The ASUS U80 is equipped with the ASUS AI Light sensor technology, which monitors the surrounding conditions around the user, and then makes subtle adjustments to the brightness of the illuminated keyboard, touch-pad, as well as the display in response to environmental lightning.

The multi-touch touchpad is one of the best we've used on the PC, but still doesn't come close to the slickness and reliability of the Apple equivalent. Just like the Apple, dragging two fingers up (DELL Studio 1535 laptop batteries), down, left or right scrolls the screen; pinching the fingers zooms in and out; and holding down one finger and moving another in a semi-circle motion rotates images. Where it differs is in the tapping � by default tapping with three fingers acts as a right mouse button, while tapping with two produces a middle click. Swiping three fingers down quickly opens the task manager, tapping three fingers then double tapping with the third opens a magnifier, and swiping left or right with three fingers will function as page up or page down.

Sadly, the only motions that really act reliably is the two-finger scrolling and the two-finger tap. The three-finger motions often get jumbled and do something opposite to what you were expecting, or perform the two-finger actions. Rotating often gets confused with zooming. Ultimately, you'll end up using the two-finger scrolling a lot, and likely change the two-finger tap to right-click. Or you could simply use the supplied single mould mouse button. Either way, once you've gone multi-touch it's hard to return to the old scroll-zones way of thinking.

Three USB ports are present, as is gigabit Ethernet, VGA and HDMI ports, headphone and microphone jacks, an Express Card 34 slot, SD card reader and a DVD -RW drive. Oddly missing from the U80V is an eSATA port, something Asus has championed since the beginning � presumably this is down to the size of the laptop, as the larger U50 includes one.

Internally, the U80V includes an Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 @ 2.53GHz, 2GB RAM, a 500GB hard drive and an ATI Radeon HD 4570, all running on Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. This lead to some moderate performance in the benchmark stakes, scoring 2615 in 3DMark06 and 2918 in PCMark05, making it suitable both for light gaming and productivity work. With all power-saving features turned off, screen brightness and volume set to maximum and an Xvid file played back at full screen the ASUS A32-U80 laptop battery lasted two hours, 51 minutes. This is a worst-case scenario � during light office work and internet browsing expect it to last significantly longer.

The U80V is without question our favourite 14-inch laptop, and Asus deserves praise for what it has achieved here. If the company can overcome the final stumbling block of having a reliable multi-touch touchpad on PC, we'll be thoroughly impressed indeed.

Accompanied by removal of light and strong all-round performance to enjoy, people also hope to find in the hot summer cool feeling comfortable, this to meet your needs. U80V especially the use of patented energy saving technology ASUS U Series Hybrid Power4 Gear, in the high-performance, quiet office, entertainment and energy saving mode, such as four kinds of support, the power regulation is more reasonable to upgrade the notebook to run at the same time to achieve a higher rate of consumption of the province of breakthrough , amazing endurance performance. At the same time, the models with exclusive ASUS ADTD2 technology, through the quiet cooling fan and copper heat pipe potent, more refreshing feel of use, is available tentacles. And full-size keyboard keys using smart sensor has not only made the keyboard cover, the end pad, wrist to place the three parts of an integral whole area, and ergonomic features, the ideal spacing of keys, key in the reduction of noise, significantly reduced the accumulation of dust At the same time, bring a comfortable touch to make your feelings cool and comfortable keyboard operation.
In addition, emergency situations, you can also use special equipment ASUS U81 exclusive "Express Gate2.0" shortcut functionality mode, just 8 seconds after the network status can be quickly landed into the host most commonly used functions to send and receive email anytime, anywhere fast immediately visit the website or given to friends and colleagues to contact the first time, enjoy easy and convenient features as many as a dozen species.
ASUS U80V listed for the summer fresh vitality into the infinite. The trend of integration of multiple innovative design elements, equipment and top-tough-ho with this lightweight accompanying U80V, it is worth your attention this summer.

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