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Caring for your Batteries from Birth to Retirement|ACER Aspire One batteries

It is interesting to observe that ACER Aspire One Series batteries cared for by a single user generally last longer than those operating in an open fleet system where everyone has access to, but no one is accountable for them. In this article we look at two distinct battery users ¡ª the personal user and the fleet operator. The article provides suggestions in prolonging battery life and increasing reliability in the rather harsh environment of fleet use.

A personal user is one who operates a mobile phone, a laptop or a video camera for business or pleasure. He or she will likely follow the recommended guidelines in caring for the battery. The user will get to know the irregularities of the acer battery. When the runtime gets low, the battery will get serviced or replaced. Critical failures are rare because the owner adjusts to the performance of the battery and lowers expectations as the battery ages.

The fleet user, on the other hand, has little personal interest in the battery and is unlikely to tolerate a pack that is less than perfect. He simply grabs a battery from the charger and expects it to last through the shift. The battery is returned to the charger at the end of the day, ready for the next person. Perhaps due to neglect, fleet batteries generally provide a shorter service life than those in personal use.

How can fleet ACER Extensa batteries be made to last longer? An interesting observation can be made comparing the practices of the US Army and the Dutch Army, both of which use fleet batteries. The US Army issues batteries with no maintenance program in place. If the battery fails, another pack is released, no questions asked. Little or no care is given and the failure rate is high.

The Dutch Army, on the other hand, has moved away from the open fleet system by making the soldiers responsible for their batteries. This change was made in an attempt to reduce operational costs and improve reliability. The batteries are issued to the soldiers and they become part of their personal belongings. The results are startling. Since the Dutch Army adapted this new regime, the failure rate has dropped considerably and at the same time battery performance has increased. Unexpected down time has almost been eliminated.

It should be noted that the Dutch Army uses exclusively NiCd batteries. Each pack receives periodic maintenance on a Cadex battery analyzer to prolong service life. Batteries that do not meet the 80 percent target capacity setting are reconditioned; those that fail to meet the target setting are replaced. The US Army, on the other hand, uses NiMH batteries, which are known to have a shorter service life. The army is evaluating the Li‑ion polymer for the next generation ASUS EEE PC battery.
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