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DELL Latitude 2100 Laptop battery|F079N 6 cells Li-ion Batteries

DELL Latitude 2100 laptop batteries
  • Product ID:1001778
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:11.1 V
  • Battery Capacity:5045 mAh (6 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
DELL Latitude 2100 laptop batteries
DELL Latitude 2100 laptop batteries can replace the following part number:

Latitude 2100
With its fun, lightweight design and built-in mobility, the Dell Latitude 2100 gives modern classrooms a new gateway to discovery and collaboration. Expand students' capabilities to touch the future, and enjoy the convenience of these features and more:

  Durable Case and Network Activity Light, as well as optional touchscreen and keyboard with antimicrobial protection. With its easy networking capabilities and optional webcam, the Dell Latitude 2100 offers fun, full-featured collaboration for teachers and students alike. Using the exclusive Network Activity Light, teachers can monitor network activity and identify students who might be focusing on something other than the assignment at hand.
  Choice of rubberized colors, as well as optional carrying handle and personalization with custom inserts. Colorful and durable, the rubberized case on the dell Latitude series provides an easy grip even for messy hands. The dell Latitude 2100's keyboard accommodates both smaller and larger hands, while the optional keyboard with antimicrobial protection helps inhibit and reduce bacterial growth.
  Core fundamentals of the Latitude family, including remote systems management, long lifecycles, managed transitions, and a broad range of service and support offerings. Configure the dell Latitude 2100 to suit your students' needs, with options such as traditional or solid-state drives, 3-cell F079N Li-ion batteries or 6-cell Li-ion J024N batteries, and MicrosoftÃ� Windows or Linux operating systems. Select from popular school colors, and get the ultimate in personalization with a dedicated window that hosts custom inserts in order to visually identify the system.    

Aiming to bring small, low-cost laptops to schools, Dell has just announced the Latitude 2100, a Netbook specifically targeted to educational markets. We recently got a chance to take a brief hands-on look at the dell Latitude 2100--and we think its appeal will go far beyond the classroom.

The basic components are similar to what you'd find in almost any other Netbook--Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, Windows XP--but the chassis of the dell Latitude 2100 is specifically designed with young users in mind. Somewhat thicker and heavier than typical consumer Netbooks, the system has a semi-rugged feel and a thick rubberized cover, along with an optional anti-microbial keyboard.

The entire package reminded us in some ways of the original Intel Classmate laptops, which were the first examples of Netbooks. One new feature that seems especially intriguing is an optional touch screen.

To appeal specifically to educational buyers, the systems include a handful of unique features, including a small light on the back of the lid, called the Network Activity Light. It can interact with third-party software or simply turn on when students are surfing the Web (instead of working on classwork), which can help teachers keep track of the status of everyone in the classroom.

Another interesting feature is an optional rolling storage cart, called the Mobile Computing Station, which can sit in a classroom and hold 24 dell Latitude 2100 Netbooks. Students can slide their systems into what is essentially a giant docking station after class, where the Netbooks can be recharged and even remotely updated via LAN by the school's IT administrators.

By adding this kind of business-like remote management, we can see the dell Latitude 2100 crossing over into mainstream corporate environments, where the options for business-class Netbooks are very slim (although they include the excellent Mini 2140 ,hp HSTNN-DB63 Li-ion 6 cell Batteries). The system is available now, starting at $369.

 Constant travel, tight schedules, pack and unpack a laptop many times every day ... this little fellow can handle it. The rubberized coating is super, the 6 cell  battery is good for an honest 5 hrs and the matte display is very sharp. At 10 inches, the screen area is small, but large enough to use a single application comfortably. The keyboard is tight for my grownup hands. With the bluetooth option, it's easy to add an external mouse without a dongle.

My only dislike is that the indicator lights (volume, laptop on, etc) do not dim down with the screen brightness. When you use the laptop at night at reduced screen brightness, the intensive blue indicator lights are just too bright, way too bright compared to our other D and E series Latitudes.

Our test unit came with XP and 1 GB of RAM, for what we run it is plenty fast. The Intel wireless works great, but it would not connect to our Netgear or Linksys routers if we let Windows manage the wireless. If we enabled the native Intel wireless manager, the laptop did connect to all of our wireless routers without any issues.

Dell have missed a marketing opportunity with the Latitude 2100 netbook. It's not just for the education market or for kids. This is a serious business machine for people who need to travel light with their laptops. New cabin bag restrictions mean that every lb or kg counts. The 2100 is certainly not a gaming machine but it comfortably handles Microsoft Office, browsing the web, skype and any other non graphic intensive programs. Streaming video is a little jerky but acceptable.

The DELL Latitude 2100 is much more rugged that most other netbooks and the rubberised coating is also very good- no smearing of a shiny lid here. Many of the review says that this netbook is much heavier than others, but this is probably because it looks chunkier than other netbooks including the Dell Mini10. Its actually about 1.33kg which is only about 150grams heavier than the dell mini 10 or other similar 10.1" netbooks.

The matte LED screen is good and does not reflect like the glossy screen on other netbooks. The VGA port is very useful for me as it means I can output the display to my external monitor and projector.

3 USB ports are better than 2 on my Dell XPS 1330 laptop. 2 of them are on the same side which means that external DVD burners and hard drives which need USB power and have 2 USB plugs are not a problem.

The keyboard is very good for a small laptop, which a much better touch pad and buttons that the dell Mini 10.

The DELL Latitude 2100 can easily be used all day, substituting for a desktop or larger laptop, if you use an external monitor and keyboard (which I have). Not so comfortable for extended intensive use directly on the DELL Latitude 2100 keyboard and screen. For me this is a second and much smaller laptop for business travel at a very reasonable price. You can take it anywhere.

 Rubberized coating on LCD cover and back of laptop ensure excellent grip. LED screen is very bright and crisp. The LCD brightness has 15 levels! Very light netbook, I know some people were saying it was one of the heavy ones but I think it's a great trade off to have something built well with quality construction than to have a cheapo plastic light netbook.
 well-placed hard drive, power, WIFI activity lights on the front edge of the notebook
 no obvious way to turn off the "network activity light" on the LCD cover. This is very bright at night and uses battery power. There should be an option in the BIOS to disable or at least a switch on the mainboard. A BIOS update to version A01 didn't give any option either.
 Dell isn't offering a free upgrade to Windows 7! This is practically Dell's newest addition to the Latitude series and there's no deal? Hopefull this changes
 A little bit tedious to change RAM and hard drive: 6 screws to remove on the back, keyboard then must be pushed out and unplugged, another 3 screws from the top to release the back panel. It would be nice just to have little access doors. I guess this was done to prevent easy tinkering since this was designed primarily for school use
 Only upgradable to 2GB total RAM. I was surprised that I couldn't put a $40 2GB DIMM in the expansion slot to make 3GB total. How hard would it have been to have a chipset that supports 3GB of RAM? But not TOO big a deal since Windows 7 runs very fast on 2GB. And I don't think most people would be using big applications on these 2100s anyways.
 I was surprised there was a fan in this laptop, though I rarely hear it I assumed that there would be no moving parts and noise (with a SSD drive). I did research and the N270 CPU does run hotter then it's sister Z530 which is put in the Inspiron Minis--but--it is a higher performance CPU
 A back-lit keyboard would've been nice. Since this is considered a "netbook" people will be using it in hotels, on the couch in relative darkness and sometimes it's hard to find the F-keys or function keys. Maybe instead the useless network activity light and extremely bright 3 volume buttons and caps lock indicator lights we could of had a back-lit keyboard option.

This is the best compromise of size and performance I've found by far. It has been very liberating as it does most things I need it to do on a day to day basis with half the weight and size of my laptop. Other netbooks I looked at lacked the memory, disk space and solid feeling I was looking for. The little extra that Dell put into this one to make it classroom tough is noticeable. Upgraded to 2GB of RAM and a 250GB HD it has swallowed the many applications I use as an IT person without blinking. I put Windows 7 RC on it right away and it works with aero very nicely. Last night while watching a movie I'd downloaded from cinemanow I noticed that I also had five browser sessions and word open and it wasn't having any trouble. Only gripe is that the touch screen is on a grid and does not let you easily work around the perimiter of the screen where controls tend to be.

i bought this netbook as a companion to my Dell Studio 1537 laptop. the Dell Latitude 2100 is an awesome product if you are on the go and still want to have access to the Internet. i am falling in love with the touch screen feature. that is what made me order this unit. it makes things a lot easier for me. i am a touch-aholic. the construction is sturdy. i love the durability of the cover. it is easy to keep clean. the speed is great also. it is perfect for what this is. it is a NETBOOK. people need to remember this is not a NOTEBOOK.
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