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DELL Vostro 1710 Laptop Batteries|T117C Battery

DELL Vostro 1720 53WH 6cells Li-ion Laptop Batteries|T117C Battery

  • Product ID:1001875
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage: 11.1 V
  • Battery Capacity:4800 mAh (6 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
  • Old:$92.99
  • New:$76.99
Cheap dell Vostro 1710 11.1V,14.8V,6 cell 8 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for DELL Vostro 1710 ,brand new, 1 year warranty! Ship to most countries!

  DELL Vostro 1710 laptop batteries can replace the following part number:

Vostro 1710
Vostro 1720

The newly designed 17-inch business-class laptop features an Intel Core 2 Duo or Celeron processor, up to 4GB of system memory, up to 640GB of storage using two 320GB hard drives, and a slot-load DVD burner or Combo optical drive. The Dell Vostro 1710 comes with the Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics or Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT 256MB GPU. Display options include 1440��900 anti-glare and 1920��1200 glossy screens. A 17 inch notebook of the dell Vostro family. If you are interested in a solid 17 inch notebook with good workmanship and many hardware and service options, the dell Vostro 1710 would well meet these demands.

The dell Vostro 1710 has built-in stereo speakers, a full-size keyboard with numeric pad, and optional 1.3MP web cam and microphone. The system provides a wide selection of wireless options including Wireless N (802.11n) and Bluetooth modules. The notebook features a Gigabit Ethernet port, an optional external 56k modem, six USB ports, an ExpressCard slot, Firewire port, 8-in-1 media card reader, and VGA output.

Regarding security, there are security cable slot, fingerprint reader, and the Trusted Platform Module 1.2. This desktop replacement starts at 6.5 pounds with a 6-cell dell P722C battery.

Dell Vostro laptops are designed for small business and made for life. Packed with customized features and a choice of software, the Vostro line delivers easy-to-use technology, flexible connectivity options and exceptional support � all with a thin, durable design.

When your business demands time, your technology shouldn�t. The all-purpose Vostro 1710 includes a comprehensive portfolio of small business support services and features. Enjoy simplified system set-up, management and maintenance.

Even small business demands big results. The multi-functional dell Vostro 1710 delivers lightning-fast processing for heavy computation and video-intensive applications. Delivers an outstanding multimedia experience all at exceptional small business value.

  Withstand the rigors of home and office with rugged, lightweight magnesium-alloy reinforced construction. Get bright images and high contrast ratio with optional TrueLifeTM  display. Choose from CD,DVD or high-read/write drives. Improve video and photo clarity with optional 256 MB graphics card.8. Help protect your hard drive against unexpected drops with optional free fall sensors.
Expertly designed Vostro laptops offer heavyweight performance in a highly portable system. With a full-sized keyboard and adjacent numeric keypad, the Dell Vostro 1710 is more expandable than ever, with room to grow according to the needs of your business.
Dell still strictly distinguishes between private users and business customers on its web site. If it were solely up to the vendor from the green island, private customers should primarily be satisfied with notebooks of the Inspiron, the XPS, or the new Studio Line series. It's atually a pity, because looking into the business section of Dell, you'll find a number of very interesting notebook models.
Dell's entry-level model of the Vostro series is in base equipment a very reasonable 17 inch notebook .- Euro. A configuration with Intel Core 2 Duo T8100, 4 GB RAM, and integrated webcam plus microphone, costs about 670.- Euro according to Dell's on-line shop. However, the reviewed notebook came only with 2 GB RAM, but otherwise identical configuration. Depending on special offers the price can vary.
In general the dell Vostro 1710 looks the same as the already dell Vostro 1310 and is also completely black. The most important property of this business notebook is also being as decent as possible.
However, due to its size alone, the Vostro 1710 is not that successful in being decent than the dell Vostro 1310. Furthermore, it has a high-gloss finished lid. As usual for high-gloss surfaces, it is sensitive to fingerprints and dirt. Furthermore, it is to be expected that signs of wear and tear will be visible after some time of use, because of being frequently transported.
At the first glance the form of the dell Vostro 1710 appears to be rather stiff and somewhat chunky and angular, so, it needs some time to get used to its look. An advantage is that typing does no longer feel like rubbing with the palms as it did when typing on the  Vostro 1310. The reason might be the bigger case, which means more space between touchpad and the bevelled edge.
The case seems to be robust and stable. Even if you apply force against the palm rests, which have a slightly roughened surface, you'll hardly hear any creaking, although this part, which is made of plastics, slightly gives. Also handling this notebook with only one hand does not cause any problem. Despite the 17 inch big case, you can pick this notebook up on only one side this way without hesitation, whereas the case hardly gives. Only the small part between keyboard and display, where the multimedia buttons are located, slightly give under force. The same is true for the outside of the lid.
Opening the lid, which is locked by a double hook transport mechanism made of plastics, is nearly a small show of strenght. Nevertheless, you can can open this notebook without creaking noises from the hinges. Thereby the display is hold by two hinges, which appear to be rather small for a 17 inch screen and cannot completely prevent a see-saw after adjustment of the opening angle. In the middle of the upper part of the display frame there is a very decent 1.3 mega-pixel webcam with integrated microphone.
The Dell Vostro 1710 offers a variety of interfaces, which are reasonably spread around the case. But, digital video outs, e.g., HDMI, or an eSATA interface are unfortunately missing. Because it is a business notebook and considering the price category this is not unusual. Dell offers standard ports only, but, they are very user-friendly located.At the front side there are the audio ports (microphone and headphones) and an SD/MMC MS Pro card reader.
Immediately at the left, there is the power connector close to the back, followed by a USB 2.0 port, a vent hole, two further USB 2.0 ports, an Express card slot 54, and again a USB 2.0 port. So, there are only at the left side a total of four USB ports.
On the right side there is a Kensington lock close to the back. Immediately afterwards there is the slot-in DVD drive, followed by two further USB 2.0 ports and a FireWire port. Closer to the front there is a hardware switch for WLAN and Bluetooth. If you look for an eject button directly on the DVD drive, you won't find any. Instead it is right of the multimedia buttons in between keyboard and display.
Most of the back side of this notebook is occupied by the long, but relatively powerful dell Vostro 1710 battery. Right of it there are only an VGA out and a LAN port.
Regarding data communication the Dell Vostro 1710 (ACER UM09E36 BATTERY) can come up with a Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC LAN interface. Furthermore, our test sample is equipped with an Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN WLAN adapter for wireless connections.
The dell Vostro 1710 has a keyboard which includes a separate number pad. As this is a 17 inch notebook the keys of the keyboard, which are 1.8 cm x 1.8 cm, are full-sized. The enter, shift, and backspace keys are also rather spacious. So, it should not take long to get used to typing with this keyboard. The built-in keyboard clattered a little bit in the test and gives when force is applied. Nevertheless, typing feels good, and is characterised by a clear feedback.
The touchpad of the dell Vostro 1710 is a little bit countersunk in the case. If you do not clean it regularly, dust and dirt will accumulate at its edges. The size of the according buttons are big and provide only a hardly recognizable resistance if you click them. So, the touchpad buttons do it without the partly loud clicking noises of competitors.
This DELL replacement battery pack is a 4800mAh, 11.10, rechargeable, removable, Li-ion battery designed to work with T117C. The Hi-Quality battery meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications for the DELL Vostro 1710 Laptop Battery in quality, durability, and performance. Li-ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect. They generally last between 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. All laptop batteries are tested for 100% quality control assurance. This battery for DELL Vostro 1710 ( ASUS EEE PC Battery ) includes a one year warranty. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and fast shipping on all of our products.

In general, keyboard as well as touchpad rate good. Unfortunately, the left mouse button sometimes stuck in our test and the touchpad sometimes reacted somewhat slowly.

The dell Vostro 1710 is equipped with a 17 inch WXGA+ display with a maximum resolution of 1440x900. Furthermore, the display of our test sample was matte, which should be advantageous for outdoor usage. If you look at Dell's homepage, you'll see that a WUXGA+ TrueLife display with a maximum resolution of 1920x1200 pixels is also available for a surcharge of 100.-. But, it is only available with glossy surface.

You can really be satisfied with the viewing angles of the dell Vostro 1710. We could not detect the flaws of the smaller dell Vostro 1310 laptop battery. The viewing angles were vertically as well as horizontally good and left hardly any point of critique. The only disadvantage of this screen is the colour representation, because the colours appear nearly  dull and thin. But, this could be caused by the matte surface, which is according to Dell coated with a special low-reflection coating.

Dell offers a number of choices concerning CPU, GPU, RAM, and built-in hard disk for the equipment of the Vostro 1710 (asus A42-M70 laptop batteires). The entry-level model is offered with an Intel Celeron 540 single core CPU with 1.86 GHz. The available processors include the a little bit older Merom dual core CPUs up to the up-to-date Penryn processors by Intel, whereas all models from T8100 up to T9500 are available. The test sample was equipped with a T8100 CPU, and thus is a balance between the especially reasonable, but, relatively inefficient Celeron CPUs, and the clearly more expensive T9xxx processors of the Penryn generation with 6 MB L2 cache. It is possible to replace the T8100 by a T9300 processor with 2.5 GHz for 270.- Euro more. If you want a T9500 with 2.6 GHz instead of the T9300, you'll have to spend further 280.- Euro, which is quite a lot for only 100 MHz more.

The notebook was equipped with an nVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS graphics card with 256 MB GDDR3 video memory. Even if the dell Vostro 1710 is designed as business notebook, the GeForce 8600M GS is sufficiently powerful for one or the other game during the breaks - if you are willing to compromise about the quality.

If the dell Vostro 2510 battery is too small for you, and the dell Vostro 1510 still provides too less overview, Dell also offers the 1710 in the Vostro series.

The reviewed model of the dell Vostro battery was equipped with a 17 inch WXGA+ display, with a maximum resolution of 1440x900 pixels and so allows much overview over your work. Even the reasonable entry-level edition, which costs only 379.- Euro, is equipped with a matte WXGA+ display. If you need a bigger desktop size, Dell offers also an upgrade to an WUXGA display with 1920x1200 pixels. But, this display model is only available with glossy surface. If you insist on a matte display, you have to be satisfied with a resolution of 1440x900 pixels.

A Core 2 Duo T8100 Penryn processor with 2.1 Ghz provides sufficient calculation power. Combined with an nVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS graphics card with 256 MB dedicated GDDR-3 video memory and two GB DDR-2 RAM, the dell Vostro 1710 also has sufficient reserve capacities for enjoying the one or other computer game with reduced detail level and resolution.

Similar to the dell Vostro 1310, the high-gloss design of the lid does not match the business concept of Dell, because it is sensitive to signs of wear and tear.

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