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ASUS UX50v UX50 laptop batteries|C41-UX50 batteries

ASUS UX50v UX50 41Wh Li-ion laptop batteries|C41-UX50 2800mAh computer batteries

  • Product ID:1001981
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage: 10.8 V
  • Battery Capacity:2800 mAh (4 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
  • Old:$92.99
  • New:$70.99

ASUS C41-UX50 laptop batteries can replace the following part number:

Stay unplugged longer with the new ASUS UX50v Laptop Battery. This 10.8V Li-ion battery pack can replace the original system battery or be used as a spare. ASUS computer batteries life (and recharge times) will vary based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, battery conditioning and other customer preferences.

The design of the ASUS UX50v is inspired by one of the world�s thinnest creations, the wings of a butterfly, and also features subtly shimmering glitters on the LCD lid. It boasts a slim and elegant profile, which resembles the curvature of the wings of a butterfly once opened.

Both the ASUS UX50v(asus C41-UX50 laptop battery) is keyboard and high definition display are supported by the ASUS AI Light sensor technology, which intelligently monitors the immediate surroundings of the user, and the adjusts the brightness of the keyboard and display in response to environmental lightning.

Powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and genuine Windows Vista Home Premium, the ASUS UX50v features a flushed 15.6-inch LED-backlight high definition display, which delivers stunning real-to-life visuals complemented by a NVIDIA GeForce G 105M(hp battery) graphics card. With a memory capacity of up to 4GB, and storage options of up to 500GB, users can also enjoy mobile computing performance with 802.11a/b/g/n wireless connectivity, as well as Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR for further expandability

it�s easy to think of Asus as a netbook manufacturer thanks to the success of its Eee PC. Asus hopes to change this with the introduction of the high-end UX range, and we�ve managed to get our hands on the first pre-production sample of the 15.6-inch ASUS UX50V.

The most noticeable thing about the ASUS UX50V is the striking design � it�s like a bigger version of the stylish Eee PC 1008HA Seashell netbook. This means a surprisingly thin, clamshell design, minimal ports to ruin the lines, and a very, very glossy design.

The palm rest features a mirrored finish, looking more like glass than plastic. It�s the most reflective laptop we�ve seen yet, and can easily be used as a mirror. It looks great straight out of the box, but once you start using it it�s quickly covered in prints. Asus supplies a cleaning cloth, and if you want to keep your ASUS UX looking good then you�ll probably end up taking it with you wherever you go.

This ASUS battery pack is a 2800mAh, 10.80, rechargeable, removable, Li-ion battery designed to work with ASUS C41-UX50. The Hi-Quality battery meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications for the ASUS C41-UX50 Laptop Battery in quality, durability, and performance. Li-ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect. They generally last between 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. All laptop batteries are tested for 100% quality control assurance. This battery for ASUS C41-UX50 includes a one year warranty. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and fast shipping on all of our products.

Quality is a cut above average though, with smart textured plastics used in the areas that aren�t mirrored, a neat cylindrical hinge that holds the display firmly in place, and plenty of protection for the LED display.

The screen features a high-gloss plastic coating, stretching from edge to edge, creating a frameless appearance. It looks good, but once again puts form ahead of function, with a reflective outcome that can be quite frustrating. Colour reproduction is good though(dell xps m1530 laptop battery), with bright images on offer. The 16:9 aspect ratio offers a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels � offering reasonably crisp if unexceptional image quality.

An Vidia GeForce G105M graphics card has been shoehorned into the skinny chassis, offering moderate 3D performance. It�s no gaming machine, although older games should run without trouble, and you�ll have no problems running office tasks, movies or browsing the web. When battery life is a primary focus, you�ll also be able to switch to an integrated Intel GPU.

The keyboard offers excellent comfort, with the same isolated key design now sported on Sony, Apple, Acer, Samsung and HP machines. Decent spacing between the keys makes it easy to type at speed, and ambient backlighting is built-in. The board on our pre-production unit flexed slightly under pressure, but Asus was keen to assure us that this will be changed for full production models.

Office performance is likely to be more limited, with an Intel 1.4GHz Core 2 Solo processor used. 4096MB of memory is a welcome inclusion, although the fact we had a pre-production sample meant we were unable to carry out benchmarking or battery tests. Many users will lament the choice of processor, but we found it a reasonably effective machine in daily use, only showing signs of lag when running a host of processor-intensive applications.

Ports on the side of the ASUS UX50V are hidden by a plastic cover � as with the asus Eee PC 1005HA laptop batteries. On the left-hand side, you�ll find a single-USB port and a memory card reader, with a slot-loading DVD drive on the right-hand side. The rear offers a further two USB ports, along with VGA and HDMI-out for connecting analogue or digital displays. 802.11n Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth are all provided as standard.

The  UX50V offers a lot of style and quality for the money. It�s also a comfortable choice, with a decent amount of 3D power on offer. Whether it�s stunted by the single-core processor remains to be seen, but it�s still an impressive start for Asus UX series.

Acer and MSI have been amongst the first to announce notebooks that are powered by Intel�s newest ULV processor line up, which will enable a whole new class of ultra slim but endurance packed notebooks, and ASUS is joining the fray with its UX50 today. The glossy black ASUS UX50V is reminiscent of a grand piano(asus A32-U80 laptop battery), and, boy, does it need to be shined down like one too. The just out-of-the-box system attracted finger prints faster than free food samples at the supermarket.

Under the lid, we were greeted by even more glossiness on the palm rest and screen. The 15.6 inch flush glass, LED Backlit display with a 16:9 aspect ratio kicked back a reflection of us, but since the system we were shown wouldn�t boot we couldn�t get a handle on how reflective it really was.

Much appreciated was the chiclet style, full size keyboard which is also backlit. Interestingly, ASUS has enabled light sensor technology on the notebook which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display and keyboard to compensate for ambient lighting conditions.

The Asus UX50V is a glossy 15.6-inch with some impressive specs for its price and size: there's a 16:9 screen capable of 720p video, NVIDIA GeForce G105M graphics, 4GB of RAM and a 1.4GHz Core 2 Solo processor, plus ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3 USB ports and a HDMI port.

Asus has taken the tapered look from the Eee PC 1005ha Seashell range and stuck it in this bigger model, a welcome move as though the Asus UX50v isn't actually that thin, it looks it, and because it slips most of the ports away around the back, it's smooth all the way round too. The graphics card is impressive for the size, letting you chomp through relatively new games, and you can switch to the integrated GPU to save C41-UX50 battery life when starved from the mains.

Asus has struck a great balance between portability and desktop replacement power with the Asus UX50v, and while anyone with plans for Photoshop or video editing had best steer clear, it'll do you right with a bit of casual gaming, web browsing and word processing, and won't hurt the shoulders when slipped into a backpack now and again.

The Asus UX50v is the company�s latest full size laptop(ASUS A42-M70 Laptop battery), taking on the tapered look of the Eee PC Seashell range, and the slim 15.6-incher�s just washed up on our desk. Time for the hands-on treatment! Read on to stuff your face with all the close up photos you can eat.

The Asus UX50 is nowhere near as thin as the MSI X-Slim range, but the laptop�s pretty slim considering the specs it�s sporting under its minimalist shell: inside you�ll find an NVIDIA GeForce G105M graphics card, 4GB of RAM and an Intel 1.4GHz Core 2 Solo processor.

The first thing you�ll spot playing with the Asus UX50 is just how disturbingly shiny it is: it looks like it�s made out of mirror, and you�ll find yourself checking your hair in the trackpad. That means smudges all over of course, so be sure to carry the cleaning cloth around with the Asus UX50.

From our quick tests with the Asus UX50 (acer UM09E36 laptop battery) , the performance is more than reasonable considering the low power CPU, but the keyboard (Numeric included) is shockingly weak on the right hand side, caving downwards as you type. Still, if you want style and you want full size, the Asus UX50 is one of the best Windows options right now. Check it out in our hands-on gallery and see for yourself!

Asus UX50 15.6� Notebook PC is a highly glossy laptop that can score a high on the looks front. Though it is prone to fingerprint and marks, it is still a very good looking device(ACER Aspire 7520 laptop battery). The LED back-lit screen is reflective too. It measures 15.6� diagonally, has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and is widescreen as well. Stretching from edge to edge, it gives the feel of a bezel-less design. The keyboard is well laid, with enough space between keys to facilitate typing.

This mobile computer uses the Intel 1.4GHz Core 2 Solo processor for executing internal operations. A 4GB RAM is present too. Since the RAM is quite spacious, it seems to be compensating for the less powerful CPU( hp Mini 5101 laptop battery ). Memory expansion can be achieved with the memory card reader of this device. The nVidia GeForce G105M graphics card has been integrated into this slim laptop as well. Even a DVD drive is housed in this portable PC.

This notebook supports WiFi as well as Ethernet connection for internet connectivity. For wireless information exchange with devices such as PC, Bluetooth technology is also offered. Three USB ports are available for wired data transfer with other gadgets too. A VGA connector is present in this workstation as well, to connect to other monitors. An HDMI output port is also housed. Asus UX50V is in pre-production, but an early review suggests that the mirror finished 15.6 inch high-end laptop could be one to watch.

What Laptop has managed to get a hold of the Asus UX50 and put it through its paces � when the staff managed to stop looking at themselves in the palm rest.
Asus just keeps churning out the notebooks. New today is the worst-kept secret in technology: The Eee PC 1008HA Seashell, a glossy white 2.4-pound netbook, sporting a shiny new Intel Atom N280 processor and a 6-cell ASUS AL31-1005 Laptop Battery, Super Hybrid Engine lithium-polymer battery, promising up to six hours of life. The rest of the specs include a 10-inch LED backlit display at 1,024x600 resolution, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a 160GB hard drive (plus 10GB of online storage), 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, and a 1.3-megapixel Webcam. Ports are pretty standard at two USB ports, a VGA connector, and an Ethernet jack, along with audio connectors and a four-format flash-card reader.

A few points of note on this new Eee PC 1101ha laptop battery. While it looks strikingly similar to the EEE PC 1000HE, it offers a new "Infusion" finish that�s scratch-resistant. Plus, it has covers protecting some of its ports, and a new, smaller power jack. The VGA connector is actually on a little dongle that gets stowed away under the machine. These little features all help keep it just 1 inch thick. Also, the logo on the top is now engraved and looks a little fancier than on previous models. black, blue, and pink. Look for our full review on or around Memorial Day.
The UX50 plays to a higher-end user, though the specs seem a bit mixed. You get a 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 Solo SU3300 CULV processor with Nvidia GeForce G105M graphics (and 512MB of video memory). Combine that with Intel�s Mobile GS45 chipset and 4GB of DDR2 RAM, and you have an interesting combination of high-end graphics and low-power processor with a questionable outcome in terms of performance. Nonetheless, media junkies will appreciate its 15.6-inch LED-backlit display (16-to-9 aspect ratio) and slot-loading DVD burner. A 1.3-megapixel Webcam, 802.11n, and Bluetooth all come standard.

From what we saw, we like the backlit Chiclet keyboard and ambient-light sensor, which adjusts the display and keyboard brightness for the room you�re in. Most notable, however, is the Intel Consumer Ultra Low Voltage (CULV) processor for the longest battery life possible. We weren't able to run our battery test on this unit yet, but stay tuned: We will.

ASUS U80V Laptop battery , with a 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T9550 processor, Centrino 2 chipset, 4GB of RAM, and a 14-inch LED-backlit display (also 16-to-9). As with the UX50, this one has the backlit Chiclet keyboard and ambient-light sensor, plus a cool illuminated touch pad that lights up little white dots as you move your finger around the surface. You�ll also find a Super Hybrid Engine for up to 6 hours of battery life. Asus went the extra mile to include an extra-thin multiformat DVD burner. ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 graphics are onboard, along with 512MB of video memory.

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