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ACER UM09E36 batteries|ACER AS1810T-353G25n laptop battery

ACER UM09E36 Li-ion 63Wh batteries|ACER AS1810T-353G25n laptop battery

ACER UM09E36 batteries
  • Product ID:1001970
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:11.1 V
  • Battery Capacity:5600 mAh (6 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
ACER UM09E36 batteries

UM09E36 laptop battery is compatible with the following models :
As1810T Series
Aspire 1810T Series
Aspire Timeline 1810T Series

Stay unplugged longer with the new ACER UM09E36 5600mAh Li-ion Battery. This 11.1V Li-ion/Lithium-ion battery can replace the original system battery or be used as a spare. ACER computer batteries life (and recharge times) will vary based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, acer battery conditioning and other customer preferences.

This machine is Acer Acer's Aspire 1810T, online saying that Acer has released the latest version of the use of intel low voltage (CULV) notebooks, has been released before in order to enrich the 3810T, 4810T thin and light notebook PC market, before the release of Aspire 3810T and Aspire 4810T were 13.3 and 14.1 of the screen can be seen from the Model Aspire 1810T is a 11-inch version, and indeed, Aspire 1810T screen size is 11.6 inch.

First to introduce basic information about this machine, which is a blurred distinction between the Internet and notebooks this a "trouble-type" products. From the size of point of view, Aspire Timeline 1810T with 11.6-inch screen, the current part of the Internet also used the size of this. Appearance, Aspire Timeline 1810T and Aspire One 751 similar, but the latter is an Internet this. Configuration, 1810T, you should belong to notebooks, using SU3500 processor, can be attributed to the new thin and light notebooks or CULV (asus C41-UX50 computer batteries), and the TimeLine 3810T and the 4810T is similar.

The specific configuration, Aspire Timeline 1810T notebook with 11.6 inches screen. With 1.4GHz Intel SU3500 processor, with 2GB memory and 320GB hard drive, integrated 4500MHD graphics. With 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN and Bluetooth in the future can also be fitted built-in 3G module (reserved for location). To provide 8 hours of ACER Aspire 1810T laptop battery life can be. With Windows Vista Home Premium operating system, and 10 months later as a free upgrade to windows7. With HDMI and 5-in-1 card reader interface.

1. cap and body
Intel Atom processor, the introduction of the original when says that access to the Internet configurations Atom processor, this should be 7 inches - 10 inches. But the 7-10 inches of the Internet this is because the screen is too small, the keyboard is small, so the application is not very comfortable. This time, Acer introduced a 11.6-inch notebook, can be said to ease of use in thin and look for one of the best point, and the performance of the Internet than in the past this has been greatly improved (asus UX50v laptop battery), so this the machine said to be the Internet section of this killer is not exaggerated. I bought the red, this machine's body using the traditional bright roof surface design, the advantages of this material is to look very stylish appearance, but the disadvantage is easily contaminated with fingerprints.

The machine has a very slim body, through the actual measurement, this machine is only the thinnest of the Department, 25mm (with pad feet high) (dell Vostro 1220 laptop battery), so it will not because of large-size body and makes the most sense. In addition, this machine is also the width of the screen frame is only 14mm,

Aspire 1810T screen resolution up to 1366 x 768, so the resolution is usually only 13 inch or 14-inch notebooks will be used, however, although the high-resolution screen will accommodate more content, but too small a lattice spacing also make the font smaller, poor eyesight of users would have some trouble viewing them.

2. CPU Introduction
CULV processor, the most significant feature is the ultra-low power consumption, has announced products, dual-core SU9600 (frequency of 1.6GHz) power consumption of only 10W, while the Acer Aspire 1810T used in single-core SU3500 (frequency of 1.4 GHz) power consumption is only 5.5W.
SU3500 can be seen as a single-core version of SU9400 and its frequency is 1.4G, support includes SSE4.1, EMT64 and other advanced features. Atom processor, compared to a completely different, its based on the Core 2 architecture (acer battery), and has 3MB cache memory. Perspective on these theoretical parameters, Atom and SU3500 is quite different. In other words, this machine's performance significantly higher than the Internet is more than one level of this, after all, this is a notebook, not a netbook.

3. the keyboard and touchpad
And the Timeline series 3810,4810, like notebooks, this Aspire 1810T keyboard also adopted the "duckweed-style" design (asus A32-U80 notebook batteries), and in no way diminished the size of the keyboard, which is still using 100% full keyboard design. In addition, since the keyboard occupies too much space for the fuselage, so this machine is not configured any additional shortcut keys, and more functional needs with the key combination to achieve.

Duckweed-style keyboard feel is still relatively good, and the UV coating process keycap text is also very wearable. In addition, the gap between the two buttons is not large, the general debris will not be easy to fall into.

The machine is equipped with multi-touch touchpad, use two fingers on the touch pad could be achieved to enlarge, reduce, flip and other functions, very convenient. However, because the machine itself is smaller then the whole keyboard (acer AS07A71 computer battery), so lead to smaller touch pad, a man's hand and then two fingers put up very little space for movement of the

4. fuselage interface description
Interface, the fuselage on the left provides a VGA port, power port, HDMI interface and a USB interface, in addition to a cooling holes. Will go a long line of VGA port on the end, while the heat on the left is not suitable for most people are used to operate the mouse baked into the hand, the design is very user-friendly, while the HDMI output supports high-definition video external display, but also more fashionable now Configuration

After the forward fuselage on the right one was from the cable interface, notebook lock, 2 USB interfaces, 2 audio interface, and Observing the card reader port. There are four lights in front of the machine, namely, the power usage indicator (dell Inspiron 1545 laptop battery), charging indicator, Bluetooth indicator light and wireless networks, in this light hidden beneath the two switches, namely (acer AS07A72 notebook batteries), Bluetooth and wireless network switches. the upper left is the hard disk light machine keyboard, numlock and capslock indicator lights. the keyboard upper right is a crystal-shaped transparent power switch, turn will be issued after the leisurely blue, very good looking

5. body weighing
Machines belonging to thin models, the whole weight with battery 1.3kg, said a bit a separate battery weighs 380g, accounting for a quarter of machine weight, as to provide 8 hours of battery life, so 6-cell battery is also acceptable re - . plus charger of the weight of 1.6kg, be regarded as a very thin. because it is thin and light machines, so the power is also done in the volume is very small, very portable, really intimate ah.

6. dorsal structure
I did not open the back of the machine, after all, is a new machine, think about whether or not split, and can be seen from the above that, in addition to cooling holes, the middle of the lid following is the wireless card and memory, the right side of the lid Here is the hard disk , to the top is the acer Aspire 1810T laptop battery, though thin book, but easy to upgrade, the machine is still considered quite thoughtful.

7. endurance capacity
Screen to the left side of the machine stuck an 8-hour endurance propaganda paper, this time must be calculated in the best state of the time, I actually tested, from the 13 o'clock to 6 o'clock now I do not plug in the power use of 5 hours (lenovo battery), and now the battery remaining 25%, pro-rata basis battery life should be 6 hours. I was in open wireless network, and the installation of the software has been under constant use, and performance settings are also set in equilibrium. If the performance settings set to "maximum power-up time to be" (with the software can be adjusted) is estimated to also slightly longer.

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