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BENQ Joybook U121 Laptop Batteries|983T2001F battery

BENQ Joybook U121 Laptop Batteries|983T2001F battery

  • Product ID:1001993
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:10.95 V
  • Battery Capacity:5000 mAh (6 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
HP Mini 5101 Laptop Batteries

BENQ Joybook U121 laptop batteries can replace the following part number:

Joybook U121 Series
Joybook U121-LC01
Joybook U121-SC01

Stay unplugged longer with the new BENQ 2C.20E06.021 5000mAh 2500mAh Li-ion Battery. This 10.95V Rechargeable Li-ion battery can replace the original system battery or be used as a spare. BENQ computer batteries life (and recharge times) will vary based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, battery conditioning and other customer preferences.

Unlike in previous years this year (BENQ Joybook U121 laptop batteries), an increase of a new display area, with the 3G in China this year, the official licensing, to the mainstream in the notebook market, the Internet has added a new bright spot in this. Speaking of the Internet in this, most people's first impression is more convenient to carry, power is more durable and more comfortable visual perception, enter a more relaxed fashion easy to use products. In fact, the majority of the Internet are very similar to this, but can have the characteristics of ingenuity, it can be in the fierce competition to win the opportunity. Ready to buy the Internet today to introduce a friend of the Computex 2009 in the shine of the BenQ U121 Eco, let us work together to Jiemi its hidden strength.

Cool 3C global consumer brand BenQ insight into the trend of thin and light notebook Joybook Lite U101 the first birth (FMVNBP173 notebook batteries), it shows BenQ has long been eyeing the thin and light notebook market, with the U101 in the market, initial victory, BenQ has seized the opportunity and 11.6 inches Joybook Lite U121, so thin and light notebooks richer family of products, but also to meet consumer demand.

Has been the mainstream of the screen size of the Internet have focused on the 7-inch, 8.9-inch and 10.2 inches. Especially the 10.2-inch size, its mold design and application experience favored by many users. Although the sizes are already close to the mainstream notebook PCs, but in terms of performance but falls far short and small notebook computers. With the Internet in this increasingly competitive market, many vendors has focused its attention on the big screen the Internet in this field. Including Dell (FUJITSU LifeBook T2010 laptop battery), Lenovo, Acer, Samsung and other front-line experience for PC makers to seek applications and video experience on the difference, have more than 10 inches, starting online this. However, in addition to the big screen Internet body sizes has improved, the same access to the Internet early in the practical application of this compared to what the different? In the following contents, we will all evaluation is a use of 11.6 inches the Internet this new specifications - BenQ U121.

BenQ Joybook Lite U121 is equipped with Intel Atom Z530 processor, 1GB DDR2-800 memory, ultra-low-voltage and stable performance; machine 11.6 inches, weighing only 1.25kg, into the peace in a magazine weight; only the thinnest of the Department is 18.5mm, with the same specifications of the notebook computer has more than portability. The product in the storage area for the continuation of SSD and HDD dual hard disk support, optional SSD solid state drive in the user's situation, both quick start, data security and mass storage in a variety of advantages.

BenQ Joybook Lite U121 is different from other Internet access to this difference lies in the U121 has a high-resolution 16:9 widescreen Splendid bright glossy, full-size keyboard, support for HDD / SSD pairs of hybrid hard drives storage (FUJITSU FPCBP186AP computer batteries), ultra-quiet design technology, intelligent high efficiency and fast charging and long battery life, its perfectly fine workmanship can make a lot of similar products eclipsed.

The feelings are particularly beautiful and gorgeous at first glance, coupled with exquisite workmanship that has attracted a lot of media reporters to attend, as were many things mixed without careful study, only know that U121 is currently the only white, and blue these two models. Today, we got this laptop is white (ASUS AL31-1005 laptop batteries), soft white panel there is no pattern, only a simple silver-gray BenQ Logo, but the whole seems very clean and beautiful. Although the U121's use of material is used in ABS engineering plastic materials, but also mixed magnesium alloy, not only beautiful and dramatically enhance the image of reliability and high-end, also has a good solid strength.

Exterior design, the BenQ Joybook U121 Eco uphold the Joybook series of the usual fashion individuality design, pearl white plastic body with mold-like printing process, using the body as a whole is even more luster Renew-Plus. In the Internet within the control region of this design, the BenQ Joybook U121 Eco uses a dark gray color, and shell in sharp contrast to the white, black and white design style (FUJITSU FMVNBP158 computer batteries), giving the user a strong visual impact, more prominent the overall sense of style. BenQ Joybook U121 Eco access the internal control of the region similar to the design style and shell, in addition to necessary function keys and power switch, and we basically do not see the extra set, mold, working in very subtle, which also makes BenQ Joybook U121 Eco fashion a simple and neat appearance, under a sense of feeling. In addition to simple and stylish appearance, BenQ Joybook U121 Eco design is also more in detail in place. The top of the screen, we can also see a 1.3 million pixel camera and pinhole microphone, which enables users to conduct voice and video chatting more convenient.

Internet access to this essential video features for the natural and no less, whether it is chatting with friends and family or conduct business network meetings, the use of cameras is very important and frequent. In the top of the screen built into a 1.3 million pixel camera, the right there is the built-in microphone (FUJITSU LifeBook Q2010 laptop battery), with the fuselage at the bottom of a group of 2-watt stereo speakers, speakers, application BenQ Realtek HD Audio Manager to achieve multi-style audio-visual effects, but also enrich the fashionable entertainment.

Of the screen shaft is one of the highlights of the U121, using the symmetrical axis of semi-sink pop-up screen design, which can be fixed in the fuselage at the top of the screen, the damping force is relatively well balanced. The biggest feature is open to 180 degree range (acer um09b31 computer batteries), can be clearly felt the touch screen to open and close very outstanding. Body can be seen from the shaft at both ends of the side personalized design, black axis of the outer circle of blue bordered with half-highlight-style design adds to the body as a whole a lot of high-tech fashion sense. Shaft support and the front two piano paint the shaft with the middle carbon black matte surface up and become more prominent with the overall aesthetics of the U121 degree and personality.

Strong point in the shaft bottom are the specific model notebook text and the power switch button. The texture of steel between the power button there is a U-shaped power lights, looks very rich scientific and technological textures, but in the course of discovery is not feeling well, the power button a bit more rigid.

One of the highlights in the U121, there are many reflected on the keyboard, the keyboard seems to surface as a whole continued Joybook fashion personality style, mold-like printing process to distribute Renew-Plus gloss. Normal Internet access this because of the keyboard size is too small, so when the user typing very uncomfortable, while the U121 uses a standard full-size keyboard, and the keyboard is very generous in our use of days, feel very comfortable when typing. Also in there with the key not only marked with a special function key Fn, other general-purpose buttons are detailed instructions (FUJITSU Stylistic ST6012 laptop battery), it seems like BenQ's The U121 is a mobile Internet access for all populations in need.
The fuselage as a whole curve of beautiful workmanship is very fine. The overall effect of the side is also very stylish, match the color of the border as well as the keyboard is also very soft, the overall feeling of simple and clean, say what reflects out of the texture. Thinnest at only 18.5 millimeters, the BenQ's leading chip the ultimate craft a perfect rendering. And on the Internet this portable features, the BenQ is also carefully tailored for the U121 has a beautiful, practical Inner envelope-style packages, their fine craftsmanship are the same as the U121, the materials used is really a bold, multi-layer thickness of the elastic textures could be better protection throughout the U121 will not be squeezing and scratching at the same time without locking the design is also more convenient to use.

BenQ Joybook U121 Eco LCD screen display is very outstanding, 16:9 specifications down the brightness and saturation settings that give a very comfortable viewing experience, but also a larger screen and horizontal viewing angles, side view there will not be distortion, can achieve more than to share Internet access and video entertainment.

The design of the keyboard, in the past integrated access to the Internet through high-fuselage mold this product because of the restrictions, so that the design of the keyboard slightly cramped, as keycap too small in practical applications, the situation caused by misuse is not uncommon. But these problems, BenQ Joybook U121 Eco's body has been very good improvement, using full-size keyboard design, commonly used function keys on the keyboard have provided, along with the keyboard keycap-back elastic medium, even long - of time surfing the Internet does not cause fatigue.

Thanks to the specifications of 11.6 inches, BenQ Joybook U121 Eco provides a rich expansion interfaces, including USB, Ethernet, Audio, VGA, multi-function expansion card commonly used interfaces are designed on both sides of the fuselage, and the layout is very reasonable, will not connect too many devices caused by the expansion of port congestion.

For the Internet to this, the touch pad design directly reflects the use of the ease of use. BenQ Joybook U121 Eco touchpad joined the frosted coating to enhance the sense of the practical application of the control at the same time (FPCBP216AP computer batteries), to a certain extent, compensate for the lack of touch pad area is too small. In addition, the touchpad buttons are also rather unusual design, using an integrated design, the actual use, the user only need to click the left in accordance with the use of custom button. Integrated design of the keypad key short-range side, but the flexibility is better, feel more comfortable to use.

BenQ Joybook U121 Eco design of the speaker continues the previous design ideas, there is no occupation of the operation of the regional body. Two speakers integrated directly into the bottom of the palmrest (FUJITSU FPCBP187AP notebook battery), through the overlay to achieve stereo sound effect. As a product for Internet applications BenQ Joybook U121 Eco hardware configuration compared with the traditional notebook PCs to more than a simple, but uses standard modular management design, it is important components are equipped with a separate shutter protection convenient for users of products, routine maintenance and hardware upgrades.

     Benefit from the ultra-low power platform design, we BenQ Joybook U121 Eco do not see a large area of internal cooling system, depending on the left side of the fuselage can ensure the whole machine out the outlet of the cooling demand. This is our real test has been further confirmed by the bottom of the Internet in this heat accumulation is not clear, and the humidity has remained at a low level.

BenQ Joybook U121 Eco in the core components of materials used in line with the principles of law-abiding, hard disk uses a Toshiba TOSHIBA MK2555GSX SATA2, has a 8MB cache, and comes standard with ASINT 1GB DDRII-800 memory, in addition to solid-state drive SSD reserved expansion interface, fully meet the daily needs of Internet users.

The edge of the notebook you can see the basic interface are located in the left and right, and the distribution is reasonable for everyday use will require the general features are the corresponding interface, so it will not affect the distribution of the basic line of daily use. The rear fuselage is the character design of the battery module (FUJITSU LifeBook M2010 laptop battery), the battery might design the next part of the semicircle arc with the shaft on the part of the mix as a whole, the appearance looks like a part of the shaft, without the slightest flaw.

Remove the battery can be seen in the metal interface, the battery on the left is the 3G card slot, U121 is unique in that the wireless network switch, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR features, as well as 3G network switch through a combination of keys on the keyboard Fn to achieve, so the 3G SIM card installed, do not always remove the battery and unplug the troubles of the confusion. .

The left side of the fuselage design of a machine power supply interface, cooling port, VGA port and two USB2.0 interfaces (ASUS Eee PC 1101HA laptop batteries), in order to allow better heat dissipation area of machine to improve heat dissipation effect, so a simple design can be cable equipment, a good deal is undoubtedly a user-friendly design, convenient for everyday use.

The right side of the fuselage is also simple and generous, a USB2.0 port to connect the mouse in the middle, more suitable for short-term notebook mouse. Biased in favor of the safety shaft is a keyhole and an RJ-45 Ethernet interface, biased in favor of the operator's audio interface and four are card reader interface, and better facilitate the use of digital product features.

The bottom of the machine were a group of 2-watt stereo speakers, a memory slot, two hard drive slots, and a battery, cooling holes are located in the memory and hard drive at. However, one of the highlights of the U121 is the hard drive (FUJITSU FPCBP148AP computer batteries), in this configuration is unique and has two template slots for hard drives continue the use of SSD and HDD dual-drive design combines quick start, data security and mass storage of the multiple advantages. There are more caring and mute design, run-time voice of only 26 decibels, as light as a breeze blowing, even in dual-drive hybrid storage work, to bring quiet quiet cozy feeling. In terms of materials has also highlighted the machine at the bottom of that ultra-fine workmanship.

Along with the modern living standards, the Internet, also known as the naturally carry their fashion items, in addition to other thin and beautiful (FUJITSU FPCBP207AP laptop batteries), often the most attention is the heat and battery life. Laptop cooling capacity directly affects the stability of the hardware to run, but also affect the human body to use comfort.

We are at room temperature 25 ℃ environment, the boot after a two-hour experience, U121, using infrared detection Wenyi study focused on body surface and the back part of the temperature. When the temperature exceeds body temperature, there will be uncomfortable feelings. Wenyi by infrared detection test (hp mini laptop battery), we see that the keyboard surface temperature is very moderate, only the lower-left corner of the palmrest at 1 ℃ higher only. The temperature is almost back, but where the memory cooling reached 37 ℃, so it is still urge everyone not to put laptops on their own legs to use. However, the overall body temperature is still very desirable.

Introduced the U121 cells in front of personality traits, here simply a test battery life, battery is not only a special appearance, in the performance of the U121 is also one of the highlights. After the first discharge (acer UM09E36 laptop batteries), we conducted a battery charging can only be found in the U121 has a quick charge feature is especially outstanding, after 1 hour on the charge time is inside the meter shows 98% of the power saturation. We then use the traveling range of BatteryMark of U121 has been tested, the final 6 hours 17 minutes total results demonstrated the high efficiency of its long endurance capability for office meetings and go dating can provide a long service (HP Mini 5101 laptop battery), double protection with a to a sense of security and lasting power.

Finally to verify compliance under the weight of U121 thin one, said the weight specifications, we have done a full range of weighing U121. Battery and power adapter with a total weight of 1.811 kilograms, without battery weight of 1.106 kilograms, Finally, according to daily usage, with the battery's overall weight is 1.436 kilograms, this is only the weight of the equivalent of a magazine, together with Exclusive Inner package can easily carry into the bag inside.

U121 platform for the formation of the advantages (FUJITSU FPCBP208AP batteries), and with Intel GMA 500 integrated graphics chip, we know that it can support 720P, the lower the quality of decoding 1080P HD and be able to play, CPU occupancy rate of around 29%, in the playback is very smooth at the same time there is excess CPU resources can be applied to other procedures, or the people is quite satisfactory. That re-test under the standard 1080P playback performance when it is clear that CPU occupancy rate of 55% of the screen from time to time there have dragged the small screen phenomena, but for the Internet this is already very good, and for daily use to play video has a better audio file playback.

As the built-in 6-cell lithium from batteries, equipped with ultra-low-power processor, and uses LED screens and a series of energy-saving equipment. From the test results to see, BenQ Joybook U121 Eco life time to reach 358 minutes (dell laptop battery), nearly 6 hours of long use of time, almost competent all-weather access to the Internet needs. In addition, we also noted that the product is fast charging, the battery has been exhausted state only need more than 1 hours to complete the recharge.

U121 uphold the fashion personality Joybook wind, mold-like printing process to distribute Renew-Plus gloss, more joyful and innocent blue and white option. Between the two machines is the processor model is divided into Z520/Z530, hard drive types are divided into HDD / SSD, the operating system into Windows XP Home Edition and Linux differences.

11.6 inches of fresh baked U121, 8 to 10 inches to break the industry, the traditional definition of access to this not only the size upgrade (FUJITSU FMVNBP152 notebook batteries), ultra-fine workmanship texture, bright LED backlight beautiful widescreen, full-size keyboard feel comfortable. Intelligent fast charge mode, high-efficiency long-life, the only 1 hour and sufficient power can play as many as six hours usage time. Even more unique dual-drive hybrid storage mode, ultra-quiet cooling design and excellent performance, these are the characteristics of U121 has a bright spot, but also to the Internet has brought a new concept of this. Coupled with support for 3G wireless Internet access model, U121 no doubt that the recent plan to buy online in this friend's best choice.

Machine advantages:
1, fashion, light
2, using a good comfort level
3, endurance ability
4, appearance, and exquisite workmanship
5, full-size keyboard keys feel very comfortable
6, intelligent fast charging high efficiency and long life, the double sense of security to protect the power lead to lasting
7, support HDD / SSD dual-drive hybrid storage technology
8, ultra-quiet cooling design and excellent performance in

Overall performance is not high:

1, shaft vibration is not the case of a fixed
2, the power button more rigid feel poor
3, the battery to install a hard time together, slide is not easy to align
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