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HP ProBook 4311s Laptop Batteries|HSTNN-OB91 laptop battery

HP ProBook 4311s Laptop Batteries|HSTNN-OB91 laptop battery

HP ProBook 4311s laptop batteries
  • Product ID:1002000
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:14.4 V
  • Battery Capacity:5060 mAh (8 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
HP ProBook 4311s laptop batteries

HP ProBook 4311s laptop batteries can replace the following part number:

ProBook 4311

Cheap ProBook 4311s 14.4V,4 cell 8 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for HP ProBook 4311s ,brand new, 1 year warranty! Ship to most countries

Believe that, in a busy work, but also often participate in some outdoor business activities, while in today's digital information-oriented society has already (ASUS a32-f82 laptop batteries), in order to facilitate the preservation and use of these data, every business people are inseparable from the right notebook computer-dependent. As the business very seriously and, therefore, are often the performance of business notebooks are very strong, but also gives people a sense of calm. On the other hand, business notebooks have been as far as possible to lessen its weight, hoping to get a better mobile portability. But most business notebooks are there is a common design in appearance and that is always so prim.

In the face of contemporary fashion culture shock, I believe most business people are no longer satisfied with the previous rigid laptop design. Want to have a beautiful style that is practical and portable business laptops, so that will be out office and business conferences (DELL Vostro 1220 laptop batteries), they can enhance their own tastes and temperament. Hewlett-Packard recently introduced the a is defined as "business-type cells in this" 13-inch thin and light notebook - HP ProBook 4311s. This product is not only daring to subvert the traditional business notebook rigid appearance, also joined the popular piano paint process to give itself a very steady business notebooks have been added touch of beautiful sense of style (DELL Alienware M17X laptop batteries), which incorporates not only the evolution of a platform to bring balance between size and performance on the evolution of more responsive since the end of 2008 had already blown thin quietly in the breeze. For a time, and light notebooks on the advertisers are all replaced with a "light", "thin" in the words of the slogan, so that people feel deeply - the evolution of a new round of notebooks has arrived.

However, this thin either-thin. Throughout the market's thin and light product, a large part of the core platform based on Intel ULV low-power models, they rely on platform edge and ahead of the power solution delivers the ultimate thin and light notebook look, but the fly in the ointment is the performance more or less have clear shrink. The other which is our today's hero - Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s represented by 13-inch products (HP Mini 5101 laptop batteries), they are compared with the previous 14-inch mainstream model is thinner and lighter, the platform edge so that the performance rise, not fall, products, integrated cost-effective has also greatly improved.

Single from the product point of view, Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s As a business notebook, equipped with a sufficient addition to the performance of office applications in addition also features a big fuss. Fuselage built 2 million-pixel high-definition camera, fingerprint identification system with a LightScribe DVD burner (Replacement battery for HP HSTNN-OB0F, 14.80 voltage, 1880 mAh, 4 cells, Li-ion Laptop Batteries), you can easily respond to the needs of a variety of business situations. It also equipped with an ATI discrete graphics card can provide smooth playback of HD video decoding, entertainment requirements.

Not difficult to see, HP launched a series of new Probook have adopted a uniform style of design, from 17-inch Probook 4710s to 15-inch Probook 4510s, and 14-inch Probook 4410s, the whole series is like 1:1 narrow version, even this 13-inch HP Probook 4311s is no exception.

Angular appearance of lines for this HP Probook4311s brings strong business qualities, but also gives people a sense of all-conquering strength, true black body main colors to show calm, restrained design style, and business office environment complement each other. Overall, although the HP Probook4311s more compact in size, but the appearance of elements of tough, but all retained, it seems quite small and lean taste.

Probook4311s body cap follows the piano paint process, not only the overall gloss excellent in anti-corrosion, Guaceng, knocking (DELL Vostro A90 laptop batteries), etc. are also outstanding. The middle cap is Probook series LOGO, silver metallic texture coating LOGO is covered under the roof, both beautiful and generous, but also get the protection of the coating, even after a long period of use was also not damaged, for science and technology texture with Time. ProBook 4311s machine with a mysterious black-ze, linear shape of the design easier to give the Quartet left a deep impression. Although the HP ProBook 4311s is a steady position in the business applications, but still showed an extremely strong sense of personal style. Have adopted the entire roof piano paint technology, mirror-style design to subvert the traditional style of old-fashioned business notebooks. And in the light and the black roof in the middle of printing a silver-white "HP ProBook" Logo, such soft color matching, so that HP ProBook 4311s highlights the fact that a strong sense of personal style. However, the biggest drawbacks of the piano paint process is easy to leave fingerprints, but careful HP products are also presented as a piece of clean rags, user-friendly cleaning at any time.

HP Probook4311s body is not rigid right-angle lines, but has taken the edge curved handle. Therefore, although it is visually quite tough, but the use of portable touch when it was very soft. In the body's appearance on the Hewlett-Packard nor the pursuit of the visual effects will be very thin body front-end design, using a considerable body thickness before and after the program to retain more can be redeployed within the space, it reflects on the stability of the the pursuit of one of the advantages for business notebooks.

The 13-inch Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s exactly how light. One with the HSTNN-OB92 battery case, this product, weighing only 2.04KG, far below the mainstream 14-inch product, is relatively easy to carry; but with the power adapter, the weight has reached 2.54KG-- weight 0.5KG Power Adapter seems not very satisfactory.

HP Probook products from a variety of point of view, Hewlett-Packard for this series gives a rich and useful interface functions. But for HP Probook4311s for a smaller 13-inch fuselage side of space to place these functions can interface to a very good grounding in the test designers. The following article, let's work together to take a look at this 13-inch business notebook is how to achieve functional interface arrangement configuration. Li-ion/Lithium-ion battery, HP HSTNN-OB91, 14.4V, 5060mAh, 73Wh replacement computer batteries, Hewlett-Packard Company, HP part number HSTNN-OB91

HP business notebooks in order to ensure the stability of the fuselage was not intentionally trying to reduce the thickness of the front end, so as to set aside the fuselage out of the internal layout of more space, but it also provides placement to the front fuselage functional interface position. As can be seen from the photo, Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s right in front of the fuselage joined a multi-card reader and a set of audio I / O interface, for reading the digital memory cards and external audio equipment for these two common functions is very convenient.

The right side of the interface is very rich body from left to right followed by 34mm specification Express-Card slot, USB2.0 Interface, HDMI high-definition output interface, VGA video interface, a large area cooling holes, RJ45 network interface, and security keyhole. Not difficult to find, this Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s of interface design and the traditional notebook opposite - heat hole, video output, the network interfaces have been placed in the right side of the fuselage, which is used for an external mouse is not quite a friend for a long time after the cooling operation of the hot air blow holes make the hand very uncomfortable (acer UM09E36 notebook batteries), while the video output, connect the network interface, etc. can also affect the operation of the mouse.

In contrast, CD-ROM was transferred to the fuselage on the left, while Hewlett-Packard has also joined on this side of the power jack and two USB2.0 interface. From the photos point of view, this is equipped with an HP Probook4311s support LightScribe technology, DVD burner, which can satisfy users create personalized CD covers, or information be retained as a business gift is very convenient. USB2.0 interface 2 arranged side by side apart from external flash memory device or USB external equipment, can also supply the equipment who need assistance to provide support.

Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s the rear of the fuselage and does not create any functional interface looks very refreshing, in addition to the interface layout of the fuselage between the right and left positions reversed (asus laptop battery), the number and function in the slightest is not small, three USB2.0 interface from the external equipment to support the dual power supply support, Express-Card, as well as multi-card reader can nowadays the vast majority of digital memory cards reader function, while high-definition HDMI output interface means that this is a small 13 inches This has a high-definition playback of entertainment capabilities.

From the side view, this product also incorporates a sink-screen hinge design, which is the biggest benefit of the shaft down to the screen inside the fuselage so that the diameter of shaft into the body thickness of which can significantly reduce the the actual thickness of the notebook. In addition, the design of this shaft is also very stylish visual aesthetic, you can provide users with about 140-degree screen Kai He perspective (ACER UM09A75 computer batteries), to meet the needs of most of the viewing angle.

The phone is small, but the control interface, the design of the Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s but in no way inferior to any of a large-size products. HP's attention to detail the features and user-friendly design ideas here brought into full play, making every one who used this product will be left easy to use, comfortable ease of a deep impression.

It uses a 16:9 size of the 13.3-inch LED LCD screen, the standard resolution of 1366 � 768 pixels, able to provide users with adequate vision screen. Control interface, the overall look is also very simple, as the appearance of the restrained black paint wise people to feel calm and steady characteristic (dell battery). Border on the screen, we can also see the standard of the 2 million-pixel high-definition camera, as well as Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s the product number.

The keyboard area is designed to highlight best business notebook. It uses a stylish floating keyboard design, longer available after the key short-range keys feel strong, while bulk of the keycap design and wider key spacing also made buttons become more precise and comfortable. The entire keyboard area will adopt the same with the roof mirror piano paint effects, due to slightly lower than the other two parts, each of a button so it looks as if floating on the water surface are generally, giving a static visual beauty.

, Relatively speaking area above the touchpad and keyboard shortcuts multimedia design is more simple. Some adopted the touch pad feels delicate skin coating, even a sense of long-term use would not be jerky, and support the screen scrolling functionality. At the top of the keypad and does not create a lot of multi-media control functions, in addition to the middle of the boot button, only the left side adds a row of touch-sensitive multi-media light, can provide users with QuickLook2, wireless networks, switching functions such as volume adjustment in line with business people and intuitive usage requirements. It is worth mentioning that, in the right palm care, the Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s for this increase in fingerprint recognition, greatly enhanced the product of internal data security.

Also remember the 14-inch Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4411s of the fuselage at the bottom of the design left us with a deep impression on him - it uses the body molding mold, relying on its strong laptop cooling capacity to provide a stable performance guarantees. Today, our protagonist, this 13-inch Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s is different, it uses the traditional modular design, will be the major components in turn divided into different regions, and with more functional design.

From the exterior view, Hewlett-Packard will be at the bottom of this HP Probook4311s of the body is divided into two blocks, and the top of the main components of the heat the acquisition of an additional cooling grid. Meanwhile, the fuselage at the bottom corners of the rubber pad feet apart can play a very good anti-skid role, supporting up space also allows direct access to heat the cold air position, and the fuselage side of the fans and the formation of air-cooling holes cycle, to ensure the 13-inch body's internal cooling effect of the product to provide a stable state of operation.

As a business book, biometric fingerprint reader essential to the design of this feature, compared to ProBook 4411s (laptop battery), this is a major bright spot ProBook 4311s. Hewlett-Packard is also carefully take into account not only the modern data security has long been limited to enterprises, especially small-size notebook frequent moves of the security problems, in fact, that individual is also important, however, this feature can be on the privacy provide absolute protection.

One near the bottom right of the location of the blocks within the assembly is a 250GB-capacity 7200-RPM high-speed SATA hard drive, in the past due to 530974-321 battery capacity, heat, etc. to technical limitations, this hard drive specifications in its class, and rare, but with the the evolution of the platform, HP business series of notebooks among the first in 7200 to promote the switch to high-speed hard drives, so drive speed is no longer a performance bottleneck. In addition, near the middle of the block in memory and is also equipped with wireless cards, in addition to standard single-root 2GB DDR3 RAM, the HP also offers an extra memory slot to facilitate future upgrades to use.

Life, the Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s equipped with the hp mini series laptop battery is very small, is a capacity of 37Wh of the four-cell lithium-ion batteries, is expected for the whole product to provide 3 hours of battery life. Although we can not guarantee the endurance-day operational needs, but for daily meetings and travel out to play the film is already more than enough.

Intel Core 2 Duo T6570 processor, the performance is comparable to entry-level P-series core, its CINEBENCH R10 single-core test results, and even with the Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 fairly. A single 2GB DDR3 memory, the performance can still be fairly read rates achieved 5764MB / s, while Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s been reserved for a DDR3 memory slot, the convenience of users to increase configuration. 7200 rpm 250GB hard drive is a whole section on the highlights of product configuration, it can even reach the average reading rate of 51.5MB / s, while the average seek time is reduced to about 17.2ms. ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 graphics card has a 128bit memory interface and 512MB of dedicated graphics memory, in addition to providing clear and smooth high-definition playback in addition, for some 3D games have good support, greatly enhanced the Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s for Product entertainment properties.

Fashion business is Hewlett-Packard HP Probook4311s the appearance of this element, while the inherent performance and functionality make it even more attention. Overall, this product is very good price, those who want to buy a slim 13-inch notebook's friends is a great fit for thin and light products, keen to friends, is the product of choice.

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