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HP HSTNN-IBON laptop batteries|Mini 311 Series laptop batteries

HP HSTNN-IBON laptop batteries|Mini 311 Series laptop batteries

HP HSTNN-IBON laptop batteries
  • Product ID:1002014
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:10.8 V
  • Battery Capacity:5000 mAh (6 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
  • Old Price:$99.99
  • Now Price: $69.99
HP HSTNN-IBON laptop batteries

HP HSTNN-IBON laptop batteries can replace the following part number:
HP Mini 311 Series
COMPAQ Mini 311c Series

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We've been waiting a year for the first NVIDIA ION netbook to hit the streets, and HP's the first in the US. They decided to ship the new HP Mini 311 several weeks ahead of other brands, and not wait for the Windows 7 rollout. HP will offer 311 models with your choice of Windows XP . If you want Windows 7 we suggest you wait since the XP model doesn't offer the same video playback performance under Windows 7 as it does under XP . Thanks to ION, video and gaming performance are miraculous by netbook standards under XP and the upcoming Windows 7 version of the Mini 311 is just as good.

What's so special about ION? It's basically the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M chipset reworked for the Intel Atom netbook CPU and chipset. While Atom netbooks with Intel integrated graphics do a poor job of video playback, an ION-equipped netbook is something of an idiot savant-- it doesn't have the CPU to do heavy computational tasks but it can play video like a champ. It does a better job than full-sized notebooks with Intel integrated graphics, in fact. That's because the ION is derived from the 9400M, a mid-level graphics solution for notebooks that's found on the MacBook and several other notebooks that want to give you more video and gaming love than standard Intel fare. So we can finally say hello mobile multimedia machine to a lowly netbook. This is the first significant performance innovation we've seen since the netbook craze started with the grand-daddy ASUS Eee PC 4G a few years back. There's finally a reason to upgrade, and we expect to see several brands and models sporting the ION in the coming months (Lenovo has announced their S12 with Ion and Samsung has released the N510 overseas). If we gave Editor's Choice awards to technologies rather than products, we'd give one to NVIDIA for their ION platform. It will shift the netbook from web surfing and email machine to a movie and gaming portable. (Cheap VP502AA 10.8V,6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for COMPAQ VP502AA ,brand new, 1 year warranty! Ship to most countries)

Since these ION machines support HD video, we probably won't see it on 10-inch netbooks in the short term. They're more ideally mated with higher resolution displays, and thus the HP Mini 311 is an 11.6-inch netbook running at 1366 x 768 resolution (adequate for 720p playback direct to the LCD and full 1080i to a TV or monitor via HDMI or VGA). What's the difference between the ION and ION LE? The ION LE costs less but it supports only DirectX 9, not 10. Gamers, take note. Though honestly, I'm not betting that any Atom netbook is really up to full DirectX 10 gaming. NVIDIA states that all other specs and streaming video playback, including HD video, are the same on the ION LE as the ION.

Now that we've covered what ION offers, let's take a look at the Mini 311 itself. with an LED backlit 1366 x 768 display, the 1.66GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU, NVIDIA ION LE graphics, a 160 gig hard drive, 1 gig of DDR3 RAM, WiFi 802.11b/g, a 6 cell battery and a 5-in-1 card reader . If you build to order on HP's web site you can upgrade to the Atom N280 , WiFi 802.11n and add Bluetooth. It seems everything you might want or miss can be added at a time (Cheap hp Mini 311-1007TU Laptop Batteries,battery for HP Mini 311-1007TU). If the specs seem just like every other netbook on the market, it is because Microsoft and Intel put limits on what the Atom and Windows XP can run on. Look for these limits to raise a bit with Windows 7. Unlike prior netbooks, the Mini 311 maxes out at 3 gigs of RAM rather than 1 or 2.

Stay unplugged longer with the new HP HSTNN-IBON 5000mAh Li-ion Battery. This 10.8V Li-ion/Lithium-ion battery can replace the original system battery or be used as a spare. HP VP502AA computer batteries life (and recharge times) will vary based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, battery conditioning and other customer preferences.

The netbook looks much like HP is full-sized notebooks in the Pavilion line, just smaller. It's attractive and does not scream "cheesy netbook", thanks to curved lines, very good fit and finish and attractive gloss finishes. The lid sports HP is usual Imprint Finish; this one has small swirls and a few dots. It's available in black and white. The lid is high gloss but somehow not super-slippery and it shows fingerprints aplenty. The keyboard deck is gloss silver plastic and the large trackpad is also glossy though it's not slick and finger movement is not accentuated (in fact, it's a little slow). Happily, HP has more room on the 11.6" model and they've dropped the hideous side mouse buttons for a standard bottom of the trackpad location. There is no trackpad on/off switch, so be mindful of your palms when typing.

The keyboard is 92% of full size and is quite easy to type on. Though it lacks the lovely island style keyboard found on the Toshiba mini NB205 and Sony Vaio W, it's large and roomy, and each key has a little depression that helps with accuracy and feel. The keyboard doesn't look terribly durable and you can see key mechanisms underneath the slightly separated keys. The keyboard has plenty of travel, and there's more travel at the left and right sides vs. center.

The power button and wireless on/off button live on the keyboard deck and there are caps lock, charging status and HD activity LEDs. The Altec Lansing stereo speakers live at the front edge under a grille and they sound much better than average for a netbook.

We heap mounds of praise on HP for elegantly designed internals that result in one easy access area to upgrade RAM, the hard drive, wireless and WAN. Two phillips head screws secure a large door on the netbook's bottom. Inside it's neat, tidy and ready for tinkering. The hard drive pulls out via a mylar pull tab, the RAM slot beckons (empty from the factory since the 1 gig of RAM is soldered on the motherboard) and the wireless cards are secured with a screw or two (dell F079N notebook batteries). After reviewing the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA, an otherwise lovely little netbook that requires near complete disassembly to access the hard drive, we're thrilled with the HP.

The Mini has HP's BrightView LED backlit display running at 1366 x 768 resolution. It can drive an external monitor via the VGA port and output to a TV via HDMI. The LCD itself is bright but is lacking in contrast and color saturation. Movies don't pop out with vivid colors and text isn't very high contrast-- it's not as good as the Sony Vaio W or even the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA. hence the OK but not great LCD.

The Mini's speakers are better than the average netbook's. The stereo Altec Lansing speakers are loud and clear. It helps that they're not bottom firing like many netbooks (gateway laptop battery): instead they're located along the front edge under a grille.

The ION LE really impressed us in the Mini 311 under XP. It plays iTunes SD content flawlessly (and Apple's SD content is relatively high res and high bitrate). It played iTunes HD content decently with some frame drops and loss of sync (pausing and resuming playback brings back sync when it's lost). That's very impressive since iTunes HD content kills many notebooks and it's a challenging 1280 x 720 encoded at 4685 kbps on average (that's a very high bitrate).

720p video streamed from the web via Apple's QuickTime trailer site played perfectly. Locally stored video in WMV and MPEG4 formats at DVD resolution to 720 x 360 pixels and 2000Kbps played perfectly. Here's our video showing the HP Mini 311 playing SD iTunes content, HD iTunes video content, a movie encoded at 720 x 360 in MPEG4 (H.264) format, 2,000 kbps and YouTube streaming HQ content:

What doesn't the HP Mini 311 and NVIDIA ION do well? Flash video such as that on in full screen mode. Flash uses the CPU rather than GPU to decode Flash video, and that's the problem. That's supposed to change by the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010 when Adobe releases a new version of the Flash player that uses NVIDIA GPUs (including ION). Until then, no full screen, high res Hulu for you on the Mini 311. YouTube however plays well at standard and HQ resolutions, including full screen mode, though you'll notice frame drops in full screen HQ mode.

Battery Life: suprisingly good. ATOM-based Netbooks often have good runtimes since they have low power CPUs, integrated graphics and small displays. But the NVIDIA graphics is more power hungry as we've witnessed when it's cousin, the GeForce 9400m is used on full-sized notebooks. The HP's 6 cell HSTNN-IBON battery (nicely integrated into the chasis rather than sticking out like a growth) lasted us close to 6 hours on charge with the display brightness set to 75% (asus computer batteries), WiFi on and doing things like surfing the web, playing streaming YouTube for short bouts and working on Office documents. It managed 3 hours of Rise of Nations (the game ended before the netbook gave up).

The netbook runs relatively quietly and doesn't get terribly hot. The fan is unobtrusive unless you're playing a long piece in Hulu or doing something that maxes out the CPU for long periods of time. The CPU runs at 32 centigrade when under a moderate load (viewing web pages) and the GPU runs at 40 to 45 degrees. Under heavy load (playing video) the CPU reached a max of 45 and the GPU 50 degrees. This are fairly low and accepible temperatures, especially for a system with accelerated graphics.

Conclusion: The HP Mini 311 is the first netbook with the NVIDIA ION chipset and graphics, which earns it praise and a smidgen of reservation. It's a great machine for the price and the graphics performance makes video playback other than high quality Flash video pleasant and gaming is a go. But we haven't seen the competition yet, so we can't tell you where it stands against yet to be released Ion netbooks. Given the standards control that Microsoft and Intel work on the netbook platform, we don't expect major differences from other brands however (sony notebook batteries). We suspect the ION LE will prevail in the short term since it's less expensive and the netbook is all about cutthroat pricing, but if you're looking for Direct X 10 support, wait for a full ION netbook (which may cost $50 to $75 more). Likewise, if Windows 7 is important to you, wait for HP's shipping version.

Pro: A solid machine for the money with really impressive graphics performance for a netbook. Good battery life for a machine with this kind of graphics power and an 11.6" display. Runs quiet and cool.

Con: Gaming performance currently takes a small hit under Windows 7. Screen isn't terribly color-saturated nor does it have high good contrast. Screen glare is distracting. Neither a restore CD nor a restore partition come with the Mini 311; you must order one from HP for $15 if you need it or rely on Roxio Back on Track to make backup images of your hard drive. (Cheap UM09A75 11.1V,6 cell 9 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for ACER UM09B31)

With other, smaller companies making most of the news these days in computing, giant Hewlett Packard seems to soldier on, content to be out of the limelight for the most part. That time may be over, at least for a while, with the release of the Mini 311 netbook, using the Intel Atom processor with the nVidia 9400 chipset, which features all the video goodness of the 9400M GPU.

As has been shown in several mini-ITX motherboard solutions, this combination is a very powerful, yet small, package, which will certainly raise the bar greatly for netbook performance (toshiba laptop battery). The only possible downside might be battery life considerations by some. [Perhaps the second battery option will become popular again, maybe some sort of solar recharging option...]

As an aside, the mini 311 comes with Windows XP as standard, though it can be had with Windows 7 – I’m betting not many will opt for that, considering how well Windows XP will work on a netbook. What could be the upside to use Windows 7, as there is no touchscreen?

The HP Mini 311 uses the Ion LE edition. Nvidia hasn’t said much about this “lite” version of Ion, but the key difference is that it does not support DirectX 10 and is designed for Windows XP only. Though the Mini 311 should be capable of HD video playback and it has HDMI-out, some sites have reported that this configuration with Ion LE and Windows XP does not support HD video streaming (I’m confirming this with HP). The good news is that Ion LE enables HP to keep the price down.

11.6-inch display (1366×768), 1.60GHz Intel Atom N270, 1GB of memory, 160GB hard drive and Windows XP Home SP3. This will be one of the first tests of Windows 7 pricing (asus notebook batteries). Analysts have been obsessing over whether Microsoft and its hardware partners can really entice buyers who are currently snapping up netbooks with $15 copies of Windows XP to spend more on Windows 7. The design of the Mini 311 is similar to current models (why mess with a good thing?) with a near full-size keyboard. It weighs 3.2 pounds and measures 11.4 by 8.0 by 0.8-1.2 inches.(ACER Li-ion battery UM09E36,Rating 11.1V 5600mAh 63Wh)

Seriously, how many people really need HDMI output from a netbook? DirectX 10? Who will be playing games on one of these? Other than the ‘Look at me, I did something no one else wants to do’ aspect, no self-respecting gamer will be using this for anything other than card games or Tetris.

No, I think this is going to make a very competent netbook, for the college student that has a desktop in the dorm, and uses this for taking notes in class, listening to music at the library (apple notebook batteries), checking e-mails while in the lecture hall, etc. I don’t see this type of computer even getting bogged down with the Microsoft Office, instead using Open Office or IBM’s Symphony. (FUJITSU Lithium-ion battery pack,FPCBP216AP 10.8Vdc 2200mAh)
No one I know wants to work on a netbook exclusively, yet almost all acknowledge the coolness and convenience of having a small computer to be able to take notes and do things on the go, while relying on a desktop to do the heavy lifting.

HP announced their new Mini 311 notebook/netbook on Tuesday and we were luckily enough to get our hands on the new model for a quick play. Hands-on is perhaps a liberty, as some of the time we spent with the new Nvidia ION-packing PC it was being demoed by an Nvidia spokesperson.

Following many of the design trends of the HP Mini series (although it will be sold under the Compaq brand in the UK and some other territories) dell computer batteries, it has a generous sized 92% keyboard which nearly spans the width of the chassis, and gives similar large keys to those seen elsewhere across the Mini series.

HP has obviously turned their attention to a more cohesive design, as the Mini 311 looks good from all sides, including underneath, which isn't always the case. The lid of the 311 is glossy, so fingerprints easily, but is attractive none the less. The deck is silver, as in previous devices, which looks good and doesn't get too smeary.

It isn't the slimmest of notebooks in this size, with a wedge shape that is distinctly plump at the back. This is partly down to the use of the Intel Atom processor and Nvidia ION chip, as opposed to the an Intel CULV processor which would give a slimmer profile, but cost more and arguably lack the benefits offered by ION.

The 11.6-inch, 1366 x 768 pixel resolution display means it gets that "HD" tag, and thanks to the Nvidia ION chip, it can exploit that screen to best effect. The screen has a glossy finish, which brings punch to action on the screen (TOSHIBA PA3734U-1BRS computer batteries), but won't be so popular with those who want to use the notebook on the move – reflections can be a problem. The hinge arrangement means the screen folds down over the back, so despite having a slightly fat rear end, the screen doesn't sit too high when opened, meaning it will be convenient for use on planes and trains, where conditions are cramped.

The overall size, however, is one that we like. At 11.6-inches, it is still small enough to be highly portable, measuring 28.9 x 20.4 x 3.06cm (1.98cm at the leading edge). It weighs in at 1.46kg, which shouldn’t be too much to lug around.

Given the extra size on the chassis, HP has had the chance to rearrange the often-criticised trackpad, so the buttons are now in a more conventional location underneath (acer laptop batteries). We didn't have too long using it, so we can't comment at this stage on how the keyboard and trackpad respond in everyday use.

The unit is decked out with a full complement of connections, which are becoming more common in notebooks of this size. You get both VGA and HDMI connections for hooking up to a larger display, as well as three USB 2.0, a multi-card reader (FUJITSU LifeBook M2010 laptop batteries), and the normal headphone and mic sockets. Networking comes courtesy of Wi-Fi b/g and Ethernet, with Bluetooth also thrown in.

But the real thing here is the pairing of Intel's Atom processor with Nvidia's ION GPU. We've seen this partnership previously in the likes of the Acer Aspire Revo and other nettops and we've been watching various manufacturers slowly announce notebooks/netbooks with this configuration (see the Lenovo S12 and Samsung N510).

In practice, you'll find that the HP Mini 311 delivers on the HD promise. We saw the unit connected to an HDTV to playback Full HD 1080p content, which it handled with no problems. It will even play some mainstream games, albeit at low settings and we demoed Call of Duty 4 on the unit, which netbooks with integrated graphics will simply refuse to play.

Some might argue that given the 311's small screen, the ability to play HD content isn't necessary. Whilst this is true to an extent (you aren't going to miss the fine details whilst sitting on a plane), it is really about content handling (DELL computer batteries)ACER Li-ion battery UM09A75,Rating 11.1V 5200mAh 4800mAh 7200mAh 57Wh 53Wh 80Wh. If you have an HD camcorder, you want to know your notebook can play the files back. Ditto if you have downloaded HD content, it's better to play what you have than be downscaling just because you want to use a more portable device.

The HP Mini 311 also comes preinstalled with ArcSoft's TotalTheatre3 with SimHD, which will allow you to upscale you digital video content for playback on an HDTV. If you have a digital catalogue of movie files in standard definition, then they'll benefit from the upscaling treatment.

Although we didn't get to test a full range of our own content from various sources, from what we've seen, the HP Mini 311 looks to deliver a more solid all-round entertainment offering than the previous generation of small format notebooks. These may seem like superficial offerings for those who only want to surf the web and work on their emails on the move, but for consumers who want and expect a little more, then it may whet your appetite.

Although listed as coming with XP, the model we saw was running Windows 7 with no problems, and was packing 3GB RAM, so it is worth checking the options available at the time of purchase.

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