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MSI BTY-S31 laptop batteries|MSI X320-037US computer batteries

MSI BTY-S31 laptop batteries|MSI X320-037US computer batteries

MSI X320 Series Laptop Battery
  • Product ID:1002020
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:14.8 V
  • Battery Capacity:4400 mAh (8 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
MSI BTY-S31 laptop batteries

MSI BTY-S31 laptop batteries can replace the following part number:

X320 Series
X340 Series

Stay unplugged longer with the new MSI BTY-S31 4400mAh Li-ion Battery. This 14.8V Rechargeable Li-ion battery can replace the original system battery or be used as a spare. MSI laptop batteries life (and recharge times) will vary based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, battery conditioning and other customer preferences.

Weighing just 2.8 pounds but loaded with storage space, memory and power-saving features, the MSI X320-037US laptop offers a 13.4-inch HD 16:9 Theater Display LCD. The most unique feature of the X320 is its size--0.24 inches at its thinnest point, 0.79 inches at its thickest, combined with its 2.8-pound weight (with the battery)--making the X320 the world's lightest and slimmest 13-inch notebook. It also features customizable power settings with five different modes--office, gaming, movies, presentation, and turbo battery--for flexibility and increased productivity based on your needs.
It's powered by the 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, which is designed especially for mobile devices and features an innovative hafnium-infused circuitry that reduces electrical current leakage in transistors to conserve energy. Other features include a 320 GB hard drive, 2 GB of RAM (maximizing capacity), Draft-N Wi-Fi networking, three USB ports, and pre-installed Microsoft Windows Vista Premium operating system. (Cheap F136T 11.1V,6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for DELL Y264R)

This laptop does not include an optical drive, but optional CD/DVD read/write drives can be connected to the laptop via one of its USB ports, enabling you to create your music mixes, burn movies to DVD, and more.

Be ready for the next platform in wireless connectivity with the integrated quad-mode Wi-Fi chip. Based on the draft 802.11n Wi-Fi specification, it offers up to five times the performance and twice the wireless range as existing 802.11g wireless. It's also backward compatible with 802.11b/g networks .
1. 13-inch widescreen high-definition display with LED backlight technology, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 1366 x 768 resolution
2. 1.3 GHz Intel Atom Z530 extends battery life and power efficiency to deliver excellent mobile performance and Internet connections on the go
3. 320 GB SATA hard drive
4. 2 GB of RAM (maximizing capacity) with 667 MHz speed
5. Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500
6. 1.3-megapixel webcam provides great image quality and rich colors so your viewers can see you clearly--whether taking a photo or broadcasting live (DELL Inspiron 13Z laptop batteries)
7. 802.11b/g/Draft-N Wi-Fi networking with expanded wireless features to get more done in more places
8. Fast Ethernet wired networking (10/100)
9. Bluetooth 2.0+EDR connectivity lets you use wireless headsets for easy VoIP telephony and video chats as well as synchronize Bluetooth-enabled phones
10. Built-in stereo speakers with high-definition audio support
11. Windows Home Vista Premium operating system (Learn more)
12. Battery: 4-cell lithium-ion with MSI's advanced power saving technology
13. Dimensions: 13 x 8.82 x 0.78 inches (WxDxH)
14. 3 USB 2.0 ports for connecting a wide range of peripherals--from digital cameras to MP3 players; Analog video output: 1 VGA; 2-in-1 memory card reader compatible with Secure Digital (SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC) media; 1 headphone jack, 1 microphone jack; 10/100 Fast Ethernet

The MSI X320 uses a 13-inch HD-Ready LCD display to provide added comfort when watching the latest movies, playing games, or just reading documents (hp laptop battery). The 16:9 theater ratio provides an additional 14 percent of visual area. When watching movies, the black bars on the top and bottom common to 16:10 aspect ratios can be avoided completely. The X320 is also embedded with the LED power-saving backlight technology to provide better color fullness and brightness, elevating the total quality of imagery. Furthermore, the lowered power usage can offer a longer operating time when using battery power.

Newly designed from the ground up, the Intel Atom Z530 uses a 45nm (nanometer) design structure with new hafnium-infused circuitry--which reduces electrical current leakage in transistors--to conserve even more energy and give you more time away from the wall outlet. The Intel Atom Z530 provides a 1.6 GHz CPU speed with a 533 MHz front-side bus (FSB) and 512 KB L2 cache--which uses just 2 watts of power. (An L2, or secondary, cache temporarily stores data; and a larger L2 cache can help speed up your system's performance. The FSB carries data between the CPU and RAM, and a faster front-side bus will deliver better overall performance.) It supports Intel's 64-bit computing architecture, which can allow the use of extended virtual and physical memory with compatible 64-bit software, as well as Intel's Hyper-Threading technology for speedier multitasking. ( Cheap HSTNN-IBON 10.8V,6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for HP HSTNN-IB0N)

Windows Vista Home Premium is the operating system for users with advanced computer needs, and it includes all of the Windows Media Center capabilities for turning your PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center for watching DVD movies and accessing your digital audio library. You can also use Windows Media Center to record and watch your favorite TV shows (even HDTV) and to access new kinds of online entertainment content. Computers that include Windows Vista Home Premium and an auxiliary Windows SideShow display will also allow you to access key data even when your computer is off. It is also easier than ever to share files between other PCs in your household and to manage your laptop computer settings to more securely connect via Wi-Fi.

Every edition of Windows Vista provides the essential tools and technologies to help protect you whether you are browsing the Internet (Cheap VP502AA 10.8V,6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for hp 572831-121 ,brand new, 1 year warranty! Ship to most countries), connecting to a wireless network, or just reading e-mail. All editions of Windows Vista include new tools that can warn you of impending hardware failures long before you have lost any important personal data. And, all Windows Vista editions include parental control features that allow you to manage and monitor your family's use of games, the Internet, instant messaging, and other activities.

Product Description
MSI Notebook has set out to make another monumental landmark in the industry with pure passion and the determination for fashion and quality, making its way toward the very finest in notebook computer designs with the X-slim series.The X320 has ingeniously applied fashionable curves in its design which successfully abandoned the cold and lifeless vibe of the traditional notebook computers. The material is gentler to the touch compared the metal, and the paint finish is glazed and UV processed, added with the perfect ratio as a total package, creating the most simplistic yet modern styling, fitting for the most contemporary trend anywhere.With all these unique features, it proves that the X320 is not only a fashionable and appealing notebook computer; it also set very high marks for the entire industry.These great reasons are why the X320 should be highly recommended to all of the contemporary metropolitans anywhere. (Cheap HSTNN-DB72 10.8V,12 cell 6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for HP 462890-541)

The MSI X340 is an extremely slim (0.7" thin) and light (just under 3-lb) laptop that rivals the MacBook Air, but without the high price tag and it also runs Windows! Vista Home Premium 64-bit to be exact. I have an Lenovo U110, which is an amazing laptop all on its, but I found myself wanting a bigger screen, and the x340 is the perfect answer, its 13.4" LED-backlit LCD screen is bright and show good vivid color contrast. The keyboard is not as responsive as the Lenovo (which generally regarded as having the best keyboard in the industy), but nevertheless, it is a very respectable keyboard that show little flex during typing. The HDMI 1080p works perfectly on my Samsung LCD, which I used quite often not just to watch video, but also to simply use it as a large computer monitor along with my cordless Logitech keyboard and mouse. The HDMI also passes audio to my Samsung LCD TV speaker, not sure if it pass 5.1 digital surround signal since I don't have an HDMI AV receiver. This is just about the most perfect ultra-portable laptop (Cheap FPCBP206AP 10.8V,9 cell 6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for FUJITSU FPCBP205AP), with its price, weight, large 13.4" screen. The only thing I can think of that would make this laptop perfect is an additional USB port (currently only 2) and the additional of a second/right mouse button, and perhaps a slightly more powerful battery. The standard 4-cell last a little over 3 hours of mixed use with Wifi on at all time with FTP upload, web browsing, document creation and screen brightness set at about 75%. I know some of you might also want to add DVD/blu-ray drive to the mix, but the resulting increase in price, size and weight will not justify the benefit.

I think the screen size is ideal for an ultra-portable, and despite the screen being glossy, I noticed very little glare, especially compared to the HP 1000. Although the touchpad lacks 2 discreet buttons, I found it to be excellent, as are the speakers for a notebook. The light weight and ergonomics were perfect for chilling on the couch, and working or surfing. It really is a delight to use, and kind of intoxicating.

The Msi X340 is a very very light weight machine. It's true that the keyboard and palm rest is a bit flimsy but overall the machine is incredible. The processor is fast enough to handle your basic everyday needs. If you need this to do Word, browse websites, and listen to music then it's perfect for you. Vista starts up quickly and everything is very snappy during normal use. The power adapter is also very small. The included mouse (X340) is great. (Li-ion/Lithium-ion battery, ACER UM09E36, 11.1V, 5600mAh, 63Wh replacement computer batteries, Model P/N um09e78)

MSI gave us some exclusive time with the very slim and affordable ultraportable . When MSI first told us about the notebook they said we would be “shocked” by its ultra-thin stature. Indeed we were pretty damn shocked when we laid eyes on the thinner than a rail 13-inch notebook. More impressive is that even despite its thinness it packs a good amount of ports, including 3 USB, Ethernet, VGA Out and a mic and headphone. It also has a card reader. As for weight, we sure believe the 2.9 pound claim since the notebook was very light. Like the Wind, the X320 has a minimalist design and is available in champagne, black and white. The glossy champagne lid wasn’t flashy and we appreciated how the MSI logo centered on the lid was backlit (stealing yet another design cue from the Air). Under the lid is a 13.4 inch glossy display surrounded by a fairly thick (dell laptop batteries), glossy black bezel. The X320 has a full-size keyboard with a similar feel to the one on the Wind. While the trackpad is large and spacious, there is that same single mouse button that we didn’t exactly love on the original Wind.

The pre-production model that we saw packed 2GB of RAM and was running Microsoft Vista Basic. Of course, we can’t really judge the performance from the brief hands-on, but we did test application open times and they were nowhere near as sluggish as we saw on the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 with the same processor and Vista, but only 1GB of RAM. Let’s hope that extra memory really pushes performance a notch above what we saw on the Mini 12. According to MSI, the flush with the system battery will provide 10 hours of battery life in its ECO mode. We look forward to testing that. Shocked is definitely our reaction to the X320.

MSI launched the MSI X320 last night. It looks an awful lot like a MacBook Air. It has a 13.4 inch, 1366 x 768 display and it’s super thin and light, measuring less than an inch thick, and weighing about 2.9 pounds. But unlike the MacBook Air, the MSI X320 runs on an Intel Atom Z520 CPU which means two things: It won’t exactly be a speed demon, and it’ll be a lot cheaper than the Air.

But I came to an interesting conclusion when talking to an AMD rep about several new HP machines built around the new AMD Yukon platform. What really made netbooks special is that in 2007 Asus built the first consumer oriented ultraportable laptop that didn’t cost more than a full sized laptop just because it was smaller (DELL Latitude 2100 laptop batteries). It used to be that if you wanted an ultraportable machine you would have to pay top dollar for it. And now thanks to Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, MSI, and a whole bunch of other companies

The X320, like the Air, has an all-aluminum enclosure. Granted, it's not as sturdy nor as rigid, and the heft isn't quite there . The rest of the design is almost identical: Its slim profile measures less than an inch thick, and it weighs 2.9 pounds; the Air is a smidge over 3 pounds. The X320 is a 13-inch laptop, meaning it houses a 13-inch widescreen. It uses the 16-by-9 form factor, as is common in HDTVs, and its monitor is rated at 1,366x768 resolution; the Air, meanwhile, is designed in a 16-by-10 form factor with a 1,280x800 resolution. The LED screen is bright and pleasant to look at, not much different than the Air's.

The keyboard appears to be full sized, with standard proportions, instead of the non-adjoining keys that the Air uses; I had very little trouble typing with it. Navigating is another story, though. For one, the touchpad is significantly smaller than the Air's, and it doesn't possess the gesture capabilities: pinching and enlarging with two fingers and the two and three finger swiping, for instance, don't work. ( Cheap F079N 11.1V,3 cell 6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for DELL j024n)

That's not to say that the X320 won't have touch capabilities, though. The company expects to add gestures to the widescreen itself, with the help of future models and Windows 7. The mouse buttons are loose and not very responsive, but I'll chalk that up to pre-production issues until I get an official review unit.

However, the X320's other features can actually put the Air to shame. For one, like many netbooks, it has more than one USB port–a total of three (apple notebook batteries), to be exact. VGA and Ethernet ports are built in, and so are the SD slot and webcam. The hard drive is a 160-GB, 5,400 RPM model, expandable to 250 GB. There's no internal 3G wireless for the time being, but Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are present.

Even though MSI is not calling it a netbook, it certainly rounds up all the usual suspects. Inside it, the X320 is powered by a 1.33-GHz, Intel Atom Z520 processor (DELL Vostro 1220 computer batteries / dell j130n laptop batteries)), which means it's using Intel's Silverthorne platform complete with the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 500 chipset. Obviously, MSI will not be integrating the OS X operating system – or, at least with this configuration, Windows Vista Home Basic.

Because it's running the Windows XP Home platform, the standard memory configuration is 2 Gbytes. The really compelling part is that the X320's battery is actually removable, unlike the Air's. The 4-cell battery gets up to 10 hours of battery life, according to MSI. An optional 8-cell battery.

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