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HP Mini 5101 Laptop Batteries|HSTNN-OB0F batteries

HP Mini 5101 4 cells Li-ion Laptop Batteries|HSTNN-OB0F 29Wh replacement computer batteries

Product ID:1001978
Battery Type:Li-ion
Battery Voltage:14.8 V
Battery Capacity:1880 mAh (29WH/4 Cells)
Battery Color:Black

HP Mini 5101 Laptop Batteries

Referred to the Internet in this, whether it is exterior or internal configurations already in the user's mind to form a kind of inherent in the form of simultaneous users for these products also appeared Shenmeipilao phenomenon. Convergence of the market and this is not the manufacturers would like to see, so we see that the current access to the Internet to conduct this market is quietly changing.

I believe HP's Mini series, the Internet is already well known for everyone, the small beautiful appearance attracted a lot of the user's eye, but this time while our evaluation is a form with the previous product completely different Mini 5101 (dell Alienware M17X laptop battery) , it looks the more like a mini-version of the Probook. The first thing that catches your eyes is its unique metal shell and joined the wire drawing process, which is not common in the Internet the ranks.

   hp Mini 5101 Screen Cover A planar metal ink drawing lines with the appearance of texture. Probook with this same approach was very similar to look beautiful, aesthetic, and generous. A screen covers the middle of the design of the anodic oxidation surface bronzing logo, great texture, this design costs are relatively high, this in not common in the Internet.
Handheld Mini 5101, its metal-specific Qinliang feel very comfortable. In contrast, the protective metal screen cover, durability(asus A32-F80 laptop battery), should be much higher than ordinary plastic. Especially for the Internet in this case, carrying frequent pairs of protective, wear fresh high performance requirements.

Hewlett-Packard Mini 5101 first appearance is different from Mini2 series of online book, in size larger than the Mini2 series. The aircraft used in the Internet remains the standard screen size of this product 10.1 inches, with a resolution of 1024 x 600, top of the screen there is a 2 million pixel built-in camera, user-friendly work and entertainment needs. At the sWeight, we can see the aircraft using a 4-cell lithium hp Mini 5101 battery, the machine weighs 1.16kg, and with mini power adapter, its travel weight of 1.56kg was around, so the aircraft's performance in the portable still relatively good, for such a metal material of the Internet in this case, but still good.
le the aircraft are mainly black colors, revealing its steady style to go along with the positioning of the business professionals.

Weight, we can see the aircraft using a 4-cell lithium hp Mini 5101 battery, the machine weighs 1.16kg, and with mini power adapter, its travel weight of 1.56kg was around, so the aircraft's performance in the portable still relatively good, for such a metal material of the Internet in this case, but still good.

Hewlett-Packard Mini 5010 the most attractive is that it was metal, first to see this small time, will say that the workmanship of this really good, we can see the shell of the metal wire drawing can be said is a major bright spot, while the ranks of the Internet China is relatively rare. In the convergence of the Internet in this market (asus a32-f82 laptop battery), it is hard to see the unique products, while large international companies such as Hewlett-Packard is by virtue of its strong industrial design capability, continue to give consumers the product shines. Mini 5101 still in the top and low-end design of a camera and microphone, which reached 1.3 million pixel camera pixels, the actual use of its performance is good. Were designed on both sides of the microphone in the low-end to form a microphone array to enhance sound effects.

     HP Mini 5101 series keyboard continues Probook features, using a sharp-style chocolate keyboard, look refined aesthetic, especially the buttons are there any high-gloss mirror floor, luxurious look. In particular, such frosted colors interspersed in between the bottom mirror, as well as the reflection, very attractive.

Open the HP Mini 5101, at the keyboard while the surrounding area, feel very comfortable using the class skin material, such a design not only allows users to completely get rid of fingerprint issue, but also provides the user a comfortable operating feel. Palmrest area relative to Mini2 series to be much larger, which is taking into account the business people everyday office needs, so the size of the aircraft relative to Mini2 series to increase.

As the aircraft's target group for business people, so in a sense of the above requirements keystrokes will be higher, HP Mini 5101 using the keyboard without borders (dell Inspiron 1545 laptop battery), making the size of the keypad to increase the size of full-size keyboard, 95%, while its The keys of the way keys are relatively modest compared with other Internet machine percussion feel this product has been very satisfactory. Machine's touch pad feel quite good and the design of the scroll bar, left and right keys also uses a class skin material, a larger key way.

HP Mini 5101 is also designed this product in the Internet is not4 common shortcut keys, though compared to ordinary notebook products, low in the number of shortcut keys, and only two, but two shortcut keys are frequently used for daily office Most of the features they were e-mail viewing and web browsing shortcuts. Power button design in the middle of the top of the keypad is also used silver metallic material, embedded with light-blue light.

Hewlett-Packard Mini 5101 screen frame is used paint materials, in order to add a dash of the appearance of calm vitality. In order to ensure the thin body, hp Mini 5101 using sinking axle with a maximum opening angle of 145 degrees (dell x284g laptop batteries). As the screen frame is used in paint material, so when close the lid, the user can also, through its reflective view from the back turned on. Overall, the aircraft is in the details in the design of fully take into account the actual use of user needs, satisfactory. HP Mini 5101 keyboard continues Probook features, using a sharp-style chocolate keyboard, look refined aesthetic, especially the buttons are there any high-gloss mirror floor, luxurious look. In particular, such frosted colors interspersed in between the bottom mirror, as well as the reflection, very attractive. Mini 5101 for chocolate button style, this design style is unique to HP's notebook, had previously been widely used in the Probook, especially for female users more attractive. Then its move to a smaller size of the Internet experience for this post do? In order to better experience the Mini 5101's keyboard performance, Mini 5101 key area of relatively smaller number of ordinary keyboard, but the actual use did not feel the buttons the size of the problem, after all, only fingertip contact with the general input keys. Mini 5101 wrist rest is very satisfactory, when I type in the outdoors can also be put in their wrists, there are experienced users know that we are typing input is not a "wrist" operation, but are more used to support the wrist on the wrist rest. And general Internet access to this key area for the provision of adequate, reduce or even abolish the wrist rest design is not enough humanit (dell Latitude D620 laptop battery). Used Mini 5101 in the little button style, the author found that the overall feel of its keyboard is still very comfortable and did not because it is the Internet this and feel cramped, or mutual interference problems, you can quickly enter. Found themselves not accustomed to use some of that, "Home", "END" button is not enough comfort, sensitive and intuitive enough shortcut keys let me see, F function keys to adjust the most difficult to adapt to people, it will function as the default shortcut keys, but rather use to areas such as F1, F2, F3 and other functions, you need to Fn function key combination to use, this design is questionable, after all, not many people stop to adjust the screen brightness (F3 button, F4 key), and more people have like to use F5 to refresh the web page.

    Mini 5101 in the case materials have improved so much, in addition to the metal screen cover A surface drawing materials (dell Vostro 1220 laptop batteries), and the wrist rest at the bottom of the rubber ball used in materials are also very much to like. Rubber spray paint a relatively general feel better, and its ability to scratch better hidden, and even has a certain resilience.

     Rubber material in holding a good friction grip when the user no need to worry when the Mini 5101 in the fall from the slippery fingers, this brings the user feel it is difficult to underestimate the sense of joy, such as Thinkapd T series rubber paint surface on the Fans loved by countless.

In the interface design, the HP Mini5101 the left side of the fuselage design of an external power supply, VGA port and two USB 2.0 interfaces. The right side of the fuselage design of the safety lock, cable interfaces, USB Plus interface, microphone and headphone jacks as well as the combo card reader (SD / MMC). Thermal vent design in the fuselage on the left in order to avoid affecting the user's right hand operation. On the whole, the machine interface design is more rich, fully meet the need for daily use.

Hewlett-Packard Mini5101 configuration can be said that the Internet belongs to a high level of this product, which uses Intel's Atom N280 processor clocked at 1.66GHz, Intel 945GSE chipset, equipped with 1GB DDR2 memory and Intel GMA950 graphics(TOSHIBA PA3641U-1BRS batteries) , and pre-installed with Windows XP Home Edition operating system. What is even more surprising is its use of whom a 160GB 7200 rpm hard drive and efficient. We all know that even an ordinary laptop with 7,200 RPM hard drive is also very little, while Hewlett-Packard as an Internet Mini5101 this product, the assembly of high-performance hard drive is also fully take into account the needs of business people.

HP Business Notebook unique 3D DriveGuard technology to provide users with 3D HDD protection. The protection of active and passive protection measures for the protection of a double. Acceleration sensors play a movement monitoring system, constitute the active protection; while the hard drive be directly installed in the notebook frame to reduce vibration transmission (dell Latitude 2100 laptop battery), they formed a passive protection. For any sudden movement, HP 3D DriveGuard devices are able to notify the system software and sends a command to the hard drive to suspend work. Automated intelligent protection sensitivity to changes in the environment based on usage. The hard drive is mounted directly to the notebook frame, thus reducing vibration transfer to the hard disk. Effectively reduce the risk of data corruption or loss, and prevent notebook run-time system failures caused by the collision. Change from the hard disk light users can see whether the hard disk into the self-protection status, in order to better grasp the relevant circumstances.

We will XP system, portable power mode to mode, and screen brightness raised to 40%, with Battery Mark to life testing. Test results show that the piece of HP Mini 5101 standard 14.8V, capacity 1880 milliamperes when the four-cell lithium HSTNN-OB0F battery, in the case of low-power endurance time was 4 hours and 10 minutes, this result more satisfactory, sufficient to meet the daily use of mobile office needs.

This HP replacement battery pack is a 1880mAh, 14.80, rechargeable, removable, Li-ion battery designed to work with HP Mini 5101. The Hi-Quality battery meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications for the HP Mini 5101 Laptop Battery in quality, durability, and performance. Li-ion batteries do not suffer from the memory effect. They generally last between 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. All laptop batteries are tested for 100% quality control assurance. This battery for HP Mini 5101 includes a one year warranty. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and fast shipping on all of our products.

Temperature of the situation, the first to use EVEREST see HP Mini 5101 in standby and high-load condition of the internal core temperature, while the use of infrared temperature gun to its surface temperature to be tested. Through our practical test, as a commercial Internet access this, and its heat in the table were ideal.

hp Mini 5101 at the bottom of the design is quite distinctive, slender design of the battery, and there is no screw holes at the bottom of it looks very comfortable. Battery card lock and push it inward, you can remove the battery, more convenient, and also more humane, while removing the hp mini 5101 laptop battery, the right of the card locks again, squeeze inward, you can open the memory window, this design is very clever, is also very interesting.

Hewlett-Packard Mini 5101 the Internet as a business book, in addition to aesthetics to meet the needs of business people, while the software side we have seen, the aircraft loaded with free office software, Coel Home Office, I believe a lot of friends right Coel office software and no stranger to the software not only meet the user demand for the daily use of most of the office, but also is compatible with Microsoft Office.

First, we start to see Coel Home Office interface, there are three functions, which correspond to Microsoft Office's Word, Excle (dell Vostro 1710 laptop batteries), and Power Point, just not the same as the name of the name for nothing, we open the Corel Write (Word), can be seen that both the interface design style and functionality with Microsoft Office2007 arranged on similar users are easy to use.

Hewlett-Packard Mini 5101 design and details of the workmanship on both satisfactory. Because of its location in the business people, and its keyboard, the practical, to a larger size and a good tap handle everyday office use to meet the needs of users; in palmrest location using a class skin texture, and more to enhance the user's use of touch ; 7200 and efficient use of the hard drive, as well as with a Hewlett-Packard 3D DriveGuard hard drive protection technology, for the user routine data processing and data security to provide a good guarantee and support; the same time, the machine 4 hours battery life but will also ensure that the user's mobile usage requirements .

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