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How to improve battery life for laptop

Availability of laptops at affordable prices were popular among the people. Previously, it was only used by the magnets for your business. The main advantage of laptops is portability. To use this advantage, it should have long battery life. Most laptop batteries made from lithium-ion batteries for a period of time produced even without power. A battery life lasting two to three years depending on the level of use.

From time to time, add a few factors, the loss of battery life. Here are some common examples.

1. Over-charging and transport. It is a practice among the people to put your laptop to power all the time you are working or draining your battery without the provision of energy during the display of the alarm and to turn off automatically down.these practices can use the battery from your laptop as they are dangerous to melt the battery.

2. Swarms of power. It is not advisable to directly on the battery socket. There are chances of sudden voltage variations that can not be absorbed by the laptop computer batteries, which can reduce battery life.

3. raspberry ants. There are insects that are located behind the lights or other hot areas in and around electronic equipment hidden love. These doses dust and other particles inside your laptop. This can cause damage to the battery of your laptop.

4. Plug-on devices with your laptop. We can additional external devices, mouse, printer, or a cooler to say on laptops. They are power hungry, and the laptop has the ability to provide only certain amount of energy these devices. To manage your devices to a battery malfunction prevented.

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