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Buy the battery of a laptop Smart Way

From the time of this writing, there were 19.3 million Google search results for the tag laptop battery. On the one hand, this is great if you need it, but at the same time, is overwhelming. How do you know what they are buying from, buying, and what you should look for when buying a laptop battery? I identified seven categories, a person must be informed of the time out to make a purchase a new battery and include part number, make and model and chemistry, and capacity and voltage, and watt- hours and the number of cells and, finally, dealers, price and warranty.

Part number, make and model
Essential for the purchase of laptop battery is the new part number. A part number is a unique identifier assigned to facilitate the referencing of one party and a clearly defined part within a single manufacturer. The part number is above all what to buy the battery before you are known. Second, the make and model, in addition to identifiers most important part that you need to know. That is what the manufacturer (eg Sony, HP, Dell). The model is a word that makes multi-component line and contains the model number. For example, the Sony VAIO VGN-FZ90S an example of a Sony notebook is that part of the serial and model number VGN-FZ90S.

Most laptops have this information to your computer system info. Jump to access this information in the computer properties and see the model information. The battery part number can be found on the battery itself.


Most laptops now need a lithium-ion chemistry. You can not choose your way for most chemical batteries. It is always good, but what kind of chemistry needed yur battery.


Capacity also known as battery capacity to run quantifies the total amount of energy stored in the battery. More capacity equals longer life between charges. Battery capacity is measured in amperes, what is the volume of electrons through the electrolyte batteries per second. Milliamp hour (mAh) is the most common spelling for the batteries in consumer electronics. Note that 1000 mAh Ah is equal to 1.

When you buy a battery to know how much capacity you need depends on: how much to spend, how often and for how long your laptop battery, and the applications you use my use of the battery. Plus the ability to spend, the more money you so that when the longer term the need or use applications that require more battery juice, then buy the largest capacity. If the


Volts - or V - is a measure of electrical potential energy. Mathematically, power is usually measured by V = I x R, where V = voltage, I = current R = resistance. Stress can also be defined as a difference in electrical potential - a physical quantity related to the amount of energy required to move an object from one place to another against various types of power would be. In the fields of electronic electrical potential difference is the amount of work required per charge is to move electric charge from second to first, or equivalently, the amount of work, the unit tax flows first point in the second to operate. A battery consists of four types of voltage measurements only. Each type of measurement of blood residing in a battery effects.

    * Floating Voltage - is battery voltage current (with battery disconnected).
    * Voltage - is said by a range of battery voltage depends on 3.7V, 5.2V, 10.2V, 12V etc that there is a voltage range of the number of cells in the battery. For example, a 12 volt battery has 6 cells and has a holding voltage of about 12V.
    * Charge Voltage - The voltage of a battery during charging.
    * Discharge voltage - The voltage of the battery during discharge. Again, this voltage by the load and the current is determined in the battery.

For portable batteries, voltage measurements are the most common: 7.2 V, 9.6 V, 10.8 V, 11.1 V, 14.4 V and. Since you do not select the voltage measurement for your laptop with which the measure is closest to your original battery. Remember, the rated voltage allows little deviation from the original, but you can not with a 7.2 V battery when it requires 14.4. The best example would be a 10.8 V battery could be used with a battery of 11.1.


WHR, watts, volts and amps are the basic units for a current (DC) power. A battery, for example, is a DC source and the combined measure volts x amps = watts. Watts are important because watts of electrical energy by a battery (generator) is formed and an electrical device. Watts, in fact, is the measure of the amount of work by a certain intensity (quantity) of electric current at a certain pressure or voltage. Watt-hour is calculated by multiplying volts and the capacitance measured together (and often rounded).

Number of cells

The number of cells were more cells in the battery capacity is more important content. To determine the number of cells in the battery of your laptop, you have a general idea of what cells are used in the battery. The battery cell is the most common 18650 and is manufactured by LG, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic and many others. The 18 650 is a cell of 3.6 V Li-ion cylindrical. 18 650 has no memory effect (distinguish between digital memory) and a longer life than NiMH batteries. 18 650 is lightweight and has a high energy density. Indeed, it is perfect for building batteries for laptops and other portable power source.

In particular, the cell 18650 has a nominal voltage of 3.7 V. It has a nominal capacity of 2200 mAh average. It has a maximum charge current of 2.4 Ah and a maximum discharge current of 4.6 Ah. Its dimensions (WxD) are 18.3 mm (Max 18.4) x 64.9 mm (max 65.1). It weighs 46.5 grams (1.64 oz). It has the performance of the cell cycle of 80% of the initial capacity of 300 cycles. Overall, 18 650 is a very good battery cell.

With this cell phone battery that our common base, you can determine the number of cells in the battery of your laptop along. Share indicates the battery voltage by the rated voltage 18650, the cell number to get online and report the battery capacity of 18 650 indicated by the nominal capacity, the number of cells in parallel to achieve. Then multiply the result of the series and in parallel to obtain the total number of cells in the battery.

Dealer Price Guarantee

Once you have all the information above, it is now time to pick, choose and buy from a dealer. When choosing a retailer to consider buying a laptop battery retailer's reputation, price, warranty and return policy. Take care, chat with a representative if you have any questions. Be smart when you purchase from and only buy from a reputable dealer. With batteries, you never want to use, and you always want to be sure it is a problem, the dealer is there to do things.

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