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Sony VAIO PCG-Z1 Battery - How to Extend Battery Lifespan?

How long did you use your Sony VAIO PCG-Z1? How long do you think can take your laptop battery? Have you ever been aware of is the battery life has decreased significantly, and it can not so much capacity in a new one? It is a fact that, like other laptop batteries, laptop battery has Sony PCG-Z1 a limited life, but really if you maintain it properly, it can always be extended. Simply follow the steps below to get the most out of your notebook's battery.

1) If you do not need to use your Sony VAIO Z1 battery for long periods of time, remove your laptop and does not pollute, because it would waste more functional and advanced features. To the problem of a dirty laptop battery, you can rub your battery with a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol. When cleaning the connections, use a dry cloth with isopropyl alcohol, then the connection between the laptop and Sony laptop battery is good. After cleaning the VAIO Z1 power supply, you should keep in a cool, dry place away from heat sources to avoid the heat is very beneficial for his life

2) Use your Sony PCG-Z1 battery every two to three weeks. If the battery is not for a long time it is strongly recommended to exercise uses, it will be loss of capacity. Especially when you should not often the laptop battery before you use it regularly exercise.

3) excessive costs and to charge the batteries significantly reduces battery life, so if you use an AC adapter to power your laptop is, it is best to remove it.

4) Use your laptop's power management features can prolong life.

5) Defragment ensure your laptop VAIO PCG Z1, that the computer can function efficiently and effectively work with a computer to increase the battery life.

6) Purchase of long battery life. An extended power supply can operate for more than a uniform standard, and for the same, the cooldown long battery life can be lower than that of a standard battery. Therefore put, if you often work with the laptop, without the AC adapter into an additional Sony VAIO PCG-Z1 is perfect for you. The # 1 destination online for Sony Laptop Accessories - Notebook Batteries Sony AC adapter, power cord, laptop carrying cases for Sony VAIO, and so on.


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