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How to avoid killing your Laptop Battery?

It is so easy to know people on a laptop yet, they kill. Only by following a few simple steps, you can avoid replacing, though. Lithium-ion cells in notebook computers used in the past are much better than Ni-Cd cells in old books, but some errors can lead to premature death.

The lithium-ion batteries are revolutionary, in fact, not only better than Ni-Cd You have no memory effect that can use a little and then partially re-charge, only to pay a certain percentage of their capacity to zero. They like partial charges and discharges more than full return, but the memory effect is not something you need to know.

There are two things to kill a laptop battery, heat and operating outside its specifications for voltage, overload or underpayment in plain English. They are easy to avoid if you can identify the sources. The heat has two groups of actors, internal sources, such as the processor, graphics card, hard drive and the internal resistance of the battery itself

Externalities can a radiator in your room or in direct sunlight, or simply a stunning room temperature. A lithium-ion battery loses 20% of their maximum capacity in one year if stored at 40 degrees Celsius and a full load. Few people have 40 ° C in her room all year, but what are the sources of internal heat? If your laptop from power, if we consider that it is fully charged, what he dislikes, and about 40C.

The processor goes to 75-85C, while under pressure, but rarely drop below 40C at idle. Everything else is a little cooler of course, but 40C is in the computer case quite often with good air circulation. If you remove your laptop from the plane of the charger, first the battery to 40% capacity available. Use an airtight plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator. Do not freeze.

In the RST is managed by the electronics inside the battery, but no piece of electronic work without electricity. When you see it from all fat and not pay for an extended period, it will fall below the voltage where it could be recharged. In case it happens to the manufacturer because they may have special tools that can initiate the restart.

If you keep your battery in good condition, there are three things to remember.
1. No excessive heat.
2. partial charges and discharges.
3. Not fully loaded or unloaded.

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