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How long does laptop battery last? And what can you do to improve this?

Most people buy laptops because they should be portable. To move around the house or working in cafes or the library. Unfortunately, it is not always as much as you want because you can not always find a place to plug fitted luck, laptops are equipped with batteries.

It is not as good as it sounds good. The laptop battery standard (in a 14 or 15 inch laptop) is a 6-cell battery that lasts about 2 hours. You can take a little longer than that, or something less. It depends on what you do. When you press the phone (playing DVDs or editing photos), the battery quickly. Just think how tired you feel when you faster if you run on foot.

Fortunately, you are not set with just 2 hours. You have some options.

First, you can always buy a second battery. Then when you run just before the juice, just swap batteries. This will give you four hours.

Better yet, buy a second battery that is more capacity(9cell,12cell) for your original battery. As I said, most laptop batteries with 6-cell battery. You can use the batteries that will give you more battery life longer. You can extend battery manufacturer's computer, be it Apple, Dell, HP, Sony, or anyone else. They are more expensive, but they are a good way to work more if you're out to get.

What are your main options, but there are ways of their owners. For example, Dell sells what is called a modular battery. Instead of dragging your optical drive (DVD or CD) and inserting the battery. Then you get the battery life, because your laptop has two batteries. The device uses the modular battery first only if you want to use in your optical drive. This way you get the maximum battery life, since the main battery is not used, will be used until the battery module.

This just proves that every manufacturer improve in this area all the time trying. So always check what your manufacturer has available to improve your battery life. People keep talking about a revolution in this area, but for now, have to be creative to get the most out of your laptop.

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