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Tips for a better life from your laptop battery

As people are increasingly part of the mobile workforce and using laptop or tablet battery life of the PC is often a priority. laptops today use lithium-ion batteries instead of more sources of electric style nickel-cadmium batteries. In addition to being able to hold a greater charge, lithium is also very light, another important concern for portable computers.

If you look at the purchase of your computer, if the extended battery life is available. While the cost, he adds that they have to double over the use of a standard battery. To get the most out of your use of the battery a bit about how batteries work to understand. Each battery has a limited number of charge cycles. If your battery lasts four hours and the first day you use it for 2 hours and then recharge it fully, and the next day you use it for 2 hours once fully charged and then you complete a charge cycle. Each battery has a limited number of charge cycles before losing, it can take the load begins.

If you are not using your wireless Internet or network, you want your wireless connection will extend the life of the battery to communicate. The same is true for Bluetooth connections. Another way is to extend your battery life to decrease the brightness of the screen. Finally, keep in mind that will play with your laptop with a DVD movie uses more power than using a spreadsheet.

If you find that you often have to computer with fully charged battery while on the power grid, you can remove the battery connected. Keep the battery fully charged, then at a high temperature, which is typical for the conditions of a laptop that is always connected to the grid will be reduced dramatically her life. Discharging the battery regularly is also conducive to extended battery life. Under optimal conditions laptop batteries last 24 to 36 months in less optimal conditions can shorten the life of 12 to 18 months.

For your battery, try the case under ideal conditions, it fully discharged once a month. Many people find it useful to set a calendar reminder to not forget. If you keep your battery in under 60 minutes, try to fully discharge it several days in a row. Leave your computer on overnight with no applications running. Be sure to disable the alarm or warning less power range that can be associated with your performance. If this does not work, replace the battery.

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