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Laptop Batteries - Why Do They Have a Short Lifespan?

If you have a laptop, you need to know they are just as portable as the nearest store discount. Most companies that their laptop batteries to promote the production of these devices so they can be used, where each and there is no recoil, but it is a failure. You only need a few hours or less standard type of word processor, then you're done, unless you have a battery backup or if you have a place to connect to revive it. Again, another problem that many places you and want to use your laptop does not have enough power outlets and you are in stock. This is just the simple truth.

So my question is, why on earth are the key laptop batteries so bad? In other to get an answer to this question, I'll do a search online and try to find as many details as possible and then I'll continue to get it in 2 paragraphs or so to pack. Now, we are pleased that almost all batteries are built and begin using lithium-ion batteries (laptop batteries have been more nickel-cadmium). Frankly, these batteries have many advantages such as no memory and no regular cycle (this does not mean he has to lead a reasonable perception often your battery is empty). In fact, these batteries must be kept very low.

However, simply because their cells are not modified by oxidation cycle, there is a unique living and few of these batteries. This should be about two to three years and can not be with them, such as oxidation is extended in the form of self-discharge and storage. In fact, it is desirable that we store these batteries in approximately 40-45% of capacity and in a cool place. Be aware that 40% of capacity, there is the power of self-discharge gradually, without quite dead (which is really bad for these laptop batteries).

In fact, this laptop battery is oxidized very slowly in cooler temperatures, thus prolonging their lifespan. In addition, these power cells are not intended for long term storage, as mentioned above, because it will drain the self-discharge and again at the point of no return. The basis of why these modern laptop batteries cost the same as in the past for the reason that they have an internal circuit that prevents over charge. In addition, the overload could increase from the battery to high temperatures and as such, they could catch fire.

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