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What's mean battery Loss of Electrol?

Although sealed, battery cells may lose some electrolyte during their life. Typical loss of moisture occurs if the seal opens due to excessive pressure. This occurs if the camcorder battery is charged at very low or very high temperatures. Once vented, the spring-loaded seal of nickel-based cells may never properly close again, resulting in a deposit of white powder around the seal opening. Losses may also occur if the cell cap is not correctly sealed in the manufacturing process. The loss of electrolyte results in a decrease of capacity, a defect that cannot be corrected.

Permeation, or loss of electrolyte in sealed lead acid batteries, is a recurring problem. Overcharge is the main cause. Careful adjustment of charging and float voltages reduces loss of electrolyte. In addition, the battery should operate at moderate temperatures. Air-conditioning is a prerequisite for VRLA batteries, especially in warmer climates.

Replenishing lost liquid in VRLA batteries by adding water has had limited success. Although lost capacity can often be regained with a catalyst, the performance of the stack is short-lived. After tampering with the cells, it was observed that the clevo battery stack turned into high maintenance mode and needed to be closely supervised.

A properly designed, correctly charged Li-ion cell should never generate gases. As a result, the Li-ion battery does not lose electrolyte through venting.

But in spite of what is being said, the lithium-based cells can build up an internal pressure under certain conditions. Provisions are made to maintain safety of the ACER AS09D70 battery and equipment should this occur. Some cells include an electrical switch that opens if the cell pressure reaches a critical level. Other cells feature a membrane that safely releases the gases if need be. Controlled release of the pressure prevents bulging of the cell during pressure buildup.

Most of the safety features of lithium-based samsung batteries are one-way; meaning that once activated, the cells are inoperable thereafter. This is done for safety reasons.
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