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How does the battery Quicktest work ?

The first stage of the Cadex Quicktest�analysis uses a waveform to gather benq battery information under certain stresses, establishing probability levels for the given battery. Since there are many battery types with several interacting variables, a set of rules is applied to further evaluate the data. The results are averaged and an estimated Inspiron Mini 10 battery capacity is predicted. The initial inference to categorize the batteries is computed from a set of specialized shapes called membership functions. These membership functions are unique to every battery model and are developed using a specialized trend-learning algorithm.

The raw data, consisting of three or more items, flows through the input layer. Vectors leading from the input layer are weighted and the derived values are passed through a function in the hidden layer. Another vector set channels the information to the output.

The weights are highly significant and function as the learning facility of the network. A run would proceed with a certain set of weights. If the result is off by a certain range, the weights are changed and the process is repeated until a certain number of iterations have passed or the algorithm produces the correct output.

The Cadex Quicktest requires less time than most other methods. While current quick test systems, such as those used in defense applications, need hundreds of learning cycles and run on large computers, the Cadex method requires minimal experience and can be performed on relatively simple hardware. Typically less than five learning cycles are necessary to achieve robust, model-specific solution sets, also known as matrices. This massive reduction in time is the result of a new self-learning algorithm that acquires numerous measures of the battery's characteristics. The algorithm uses a unique decision-making formula that determines the best solution set for each battery model.

Of course, artificial intelligence is a complicated subject, and is beyond the scope of this book. With respect to complexity, Dr. Lofti Zadeh spoke these famous words:
"As complexity rises, precise statements lose meaning and meaningful statements lose precision."

camcorder Battery quick testing has raised the interest of manufacturers and users alike. The race is on to provide a product that is accurate, easy to use and cost effective. The true winner may not be an individual or organization that amasses the largest number of patents, but a company that can offer a product that is cost effective and truly works.
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