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Canon Digital IXUS V - Digital camera - 2.1 Mpix - optical zoom: 2 x - supported memory: CF - metallic silver

Canon have taken the popular Digital IXUS and added a "v" for video. The Digital IXUS v (known as the S110 Digital Elph in the US and IXY Digital 200 in Japan) builds on the original Digital IXUS platform by firsty adding the ability to take short movie clips of either 160 x 120, 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 resolution. And secondly support for direct printing (to Canon compatible printers). The only visual difference between last years Digital IXUS and the Digital IXUS v is the small gold coloured microphone on the front case.

Product Description

With its smooth, metallic body and gentle curving edges, the radical, yet elegant design of the ultra compact DIGITAL IXUS v is simply irresistible. A 2.11-megapixel CCD and a 2x optical zoom give this camera the power to deliver superb digital images. The DIGITAL IXUS v even has a movie capture and playback with sound function for endless creativity. Its ultra compact design and range of manual and automatic features make this canon digital camera ideal for even the most spontaneous photographic situations. And with Canon's intelligent 3-point AF and metering system, all you have to do to take great digital photographs is point the camera, look in the crystal clear LCD display and shoot. As the world's smallest 2x optical zoom digital camera, the DIGITAL IXUS v offers seamless digital transition to an overall 5.0x zoom.

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