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Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Image Stabilizer AutoFocus Telephoto Zoom Lens


Consistent Output, Durable, Easily Interchangeable, Rugged, Sharp Focus, Strong Construction
Heavy, Slow Focus

I've used this lens for just about every type of shot you can think of. I've done macro, astronomy, sports, portraits, etc... and it has created sensational shots for every shoot. Give this to a 5 year old and just let them shoot 20 shots on a tripod and you'll have a photo worthy of a magazine cover! I'm a newbie (got my gear in March) and I've already been published in 3 magazines using shots from this lens on my Canon Rebel XTi - yeah, it is that good! Unfortunately I dropped my lens four feet onto concrete after my backpack accidently came open while in China shooting the Chinese Grand Prix (for vacation and hobby - not work) but it only suffered minor damage -[$] to repair via Canon and the warranty is still in tact. My only complaints is that it isn't as sharp as the 100-400 and it is heavy as hell, but it is worth every penny. If you don't need a 2.8 and can settle for a 4.0 then the 4.0 IS is a better value, has a better IS and is MUCH sharper. I use the 2.x extender for F1 shooting and it works great (see the attached F1 shot taken about 100+ meters away and about 10 meters high in the stands (Section B1 at Shanghai Circuit of a car on Turn 3 w/ 2x extender)

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What else can you say that the other 50+ people havent praising this lens ??
First use was at an airshow. Combined with 1.4x teleconverter, and using "panning" stabilizer mode, got some incredible photos with my EOS 5D. Photos shown were cropped quite a bit as my 5D is full frame w/no conversion limiting my focal length to 280mm. Even cropped, image quality is great as you can see.
Surely not an everyday carry around lens but im sure if your reading this review, your aware of that.
The lens hood and carrying case thrown in by Canon are a plus. Carrying case actually rivals some high quality aftermarket ones.

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This is a great all around lens. With my digital camera EOS 20D and my old EOS10D I did not always like the 200mm shots in AF mode. However this was much better when using manual focus only at 200mm. The lens never gave me a problem and it is used in the field my usual subjects were trains. I also used the lens with a Canon 2x converter with the same fantastic results.

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I also use a Canon EF 100-400 F4.5-5.6L IS USM lens. I prefer this lens, simply because it has the longer reach. That being said, when you use the EF 70-200 F2.8L IS USM - it is a pleasant reminder just how fast and sharp the optics are for this lens. It is a perfect lens when you use it within the telephoto range that it is built for. The colour dynamics and rendition off the "L" glass are stunning.

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