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NiMH batteries and NiCd batteries

Why use Rechargeable NiCd batteries?
NiCd (NiCad or Nickel Cadmium) batteries provide high discharge capability with great cycling performance. Generally utilized in every day use applications such as cordless phone or in high drain, fast recharge applications such as cordless tool or 2-way radio. NiCd batteries offer more cycling capabilty than NiMH, but with lower capacity. All NiCd batteries must be recycled.

Why use Rechargeable NiMH batteries?
NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries provide outstanding capacity in a lightweight, rechargeable format. NiMH is interchangeable with NiCd in devices while providing a more environmentally friendly profile. Generally utilized in applications ranging from cellular phone to camcorder/digital camera. NiMH batteries offer higher capacity than NiCd, but with fewer cycles. NiMH batteries should be recycled.

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