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ASUS SL22-900A replacement Notebook Batteries|Eee PC 900HA Li-ion 7.40 V 7200 mAh 4400mAh 10400 mAh notebook battery

 ASUS AL22-703 laptop batteries
  • Product ID:1001714
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:7.4 V
  • Battery Capacity:10400 mAh (9 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
 ASUS AL22-703 laptop batteries
Netbook Eee PC 900HA offers more options to users for unique user experiences. Long hours of
Eee PC 900HD battery life, built in high speed connectivity and exclusive 10GB file-encrypted Eee Storage with easy accessibility makes it the ideal traveling companion for outdoor activities. The 8.9 display provides comfortable viewing, and a full QWERTY keyboard makes for easier typing and relaxing usage. Built-in camera ensures users stay in touch with the important ones. User friendly XP pre-loaded. ZBD Guaranteed for best quality LCD. Content includes Eee PC, battery, AC Adapter, Sleeve Case, Manual and Recovery CD.

1. Size and weight: Asus wins here. 4-cell Asus AL22-703 battery is about 1" narrower in both width and height and a little lighter than the 6-cell Acer battery.

2. Upgrading: Asus wins big here. Remove a bottom panel with two screws from the Asus and you can easily swap out the single 1GB memory module for a 2GB module . You can even swap out the 160GB hard drive for a still larger one.

3. Keyboard and touch pad: The Asus keyboard also has a tiny shift key which often fails to register unless tapped near the center. Asus has just introduced the 904HA which provides a wider keyboard (and wider computer) but uses the same 8.9" screen. The Asus touchpad is a little larger but rougher finish with conventional button locations below the pad.

4. Battery life: Asus smaller 4 cell SL22-900A batteryand 8 cell SL22-900A batteryand 12 cell largest SL22-900A battery

Summary: Asus EEE PC wins in smaller size and lighter weight and wins big in ease to upgrade memory or hard drive. One more thing: Asus provides a nice custom fit carrying pouch while Acer lets you buy your own from a third party (they only make a large size case).

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