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LENOVO Ideapad Y430 laptop battery,Li-ion 11.10 V 5200 mAh L08O6D01 Batteries

[Brand] Lenovo
[Fit model] LENOVO Ideapad Y430 laptop battery
[Replace for] L08O6D01, L08O6D02
[Voltage(V)] 11.1V
[Capacity(mAh)] 5200mAh/58Wh
[Color] Black
[N.M.(g)] 330g
[Dimension(mm)] 206.60 x 63.00 x 20.20
[Type] Li-ion
HP Mini 5101 Laptop Batteries

Replacement For
L08O6D01, L08O6D02
Fit Machine Models
Lenovo Ideapad Y430 series
ideapad y430-3231u
ideapad y430-5232
Ideapad y430-5232u
ideapad y430-5242u
IdeaPad Y430-278189U
IdeaPad Y430-278187U
IdeaPad Y430-278186U
IdeaPad Y430-278184U
IdeaPad Y430-278183U
IdeaPad Y430-278182U

laptop life:
1. Great L0806D02 battery life. 3.5-4 hours of web surfing, 1.5-2 hours with more strain (i.e. Photoshop). I haven't tried to watch DVDs as I didn't buy it for that reason. Not bad for a small PC though on battery life.
2. Snappy. I have a desktop that I built myself with similar specs and this seems to be slightly faster in some respects.
3. Illuminated media controls and equalizers above keyboard.
4. Light weight. Weighs in at about 5 pounds or so.
5. HDMI out. I cannot stress how much this came in handy for me over the last few weeks.
6. Media card reader. Great feature, though I wish it read CF cards as well.
7. The design. I love it. textured top is not a finger print magnet and the laptop actually feels really sturdy.
8. Built in webcam. Pretty much a standard on any laptop these days but the camera is nice. I use it for Skype all the time.
9. On that same note, the built in mic is nice as well for Skype.
10. Keyboard. I love the keyboard (with the exception of the Function Key). Keys are nicely spaced, spring is nice and very comfortable.
11. Vista Premium. Forget all the nonsense surrounding Vista. After the Service Pack it is really a stable and secure system. I cannot go back to XP and the plus is this laptop will run Windows 7 nicely.

It seems to run quite well, in terms of speed, and the laptop battery life is excellent (much better than other laptops I've had), and much better than a previous poster suggested. I seem to be able to get 4 hours out of it comfortably. I haven't watched a DVD on it, so that might make for a shorter span.For a student or business person who needs a small, quiet, and unobtrusive laptop, this is a great offering from Lenovo battery.
I bought this laptop to use in between classes so I wouldn't have to go to the computer lab on campus or go home to access email or documents. For all my purposes, this laptop delivers in every way. The battery life is acceptable, ranging from 2-2.5 hours. If you have the screen brightness up all the way or watch movies, it may not last as long. The wireless works great and I can access the school's wifi from the coffee shops in the general area (within a block or two). It has all the standard stuff you would expect like a supermulti drive, webcam, and wide screen display, and as I was not looking for a laptop with lots of features, I was very satisfied. The unit has a small subwoofer, and is adequate for music and movies.

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