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Cheap Presario 2200 Series 14.8V,8 cell laptop batteries,battery for compaq Presario 2200 Series

1. replacement battery for compaq Presario 2200 Series, 14.8 voltage, 4400 mAh, 8 cells, Li-ion laptop batteries

Cheap Presario 2200 Series 14.8V,8 cell laptop batteries,battery for compaq Presario 2200 Series
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Product ID: 1001039
Battery Type: Li-ion
Property: replacement battery [?]
Voltage: 14.8 V
Battery capacity: 4400 mAh (8 cell)
Color: black
Related compaq series: COMPAQ Presario 2200 Series
Warranty: 12 months

Compaq Presario 2200 Series Laptop AC Adapters

compaq  adapter
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Product ID: 1061010
Input: AC 100~240V 50~60Hz
Output Voltage: 19V
Output Current: DC 4.740A
Power: 90W
Connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
Property: replacement [?]
Warranty: 18 months
COMPAQ PA-1600-01 adapter

Compaq Presario 2200 Series Laptop AC Adapters

compaq  adapter
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Product ID: 1061134
Input: AC 100~240V 50~60Hz
Output Voltage: 19V
Output Current: DC 4.74A
Power: 90W
Connector: 4.8mm*1.7mm
Property: original [?]
Warranty: 12 months
COMPAQ 239705-001 adapter

Compaq Presario 2200 Series Laptop AC Adapters

compaq  adapter
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Product ID: 1061011
Input: AC 100~240V 50~60Hz
Output Voltage: 19V
Output Current: DC 4.740A
Power: 90W
Connector: 4.8mm*1.7mm
Property: replacement [?]
Warranty: 18 months
COMPAQ 239705-001 adapter

Compaq Presario 2200 Series laptop batteries can replace the following part number:


Presario 2200 Series laptop battery is compatible with the following models :

Presario 2149AD-DG616A
Presario 2149EA-DK447A
Presario 2150 Series
Presario 2150AP-DC741A
Presario 2150LA-PH045LA
Presario 2150US-DC961A
Presario 2150US-DC961AR
Presario 2151 Series
Presario 2151AD-DG830A
Presario 2151EA-DG191A
Presario 2152 Series
Presario 2152EA-DL622A
Presario 2153 Series
Presario 2153AE-DN571A
Presario 2153AP-DK450A
Presario 2154 Series
Presario 2154AE-DN572A
Presario 2154AP-DK451A
Presario 2154EA-DK853A
Presario 2155 Series
Presario 2155AE-DN573A
Presario 2155AP-DL623A
Presario 2155EA-DG620A
Presario 2155US-DC956A
Presario 2156 Series
Presario 2156AP-DL624A
Presario 2156EA-DG609A
Presario 2157 Series
Presario 2157AP-DL625A
Presario 2157EA
Presario 2157EA-DM554A
Presario 2158 Series
Presario 2158AP-DL626A
Presario 2158EA
Presario 2158EA-DG193A
Presario 2158EA-DN575A
Presario 2159 Series
Presario 2160 Series
Presario 2160AD-DM547A
Presario 2160EA-DF565A
Presario 2160EU-PB801EA
Presario 2160US-DG054A
Presario 2161 Series
Presario 2161AD-DM549A
Presario 2161EA-DF582A
Presario 2161US-DK588A
Presario 2162 Series
Presario 2162AF-DM663A
Presario 2162EA-DF765A
Presario 2162US-DK589A
Presario 2162US-DK589AR
Presario 2163 Series
Presario 2163AF-DM664A
Presario 2163EA-DG621A
Presario 2164 Series
Presario 2164AF-DN630A
Presario 2164EA-DG622A
Presario 2165 Series
Presario 2165AF-DN631A
Presario 2165EA-DG623A
Presario 2166 Series
Presario 2166EA-DG828A
Presario 2167 Series
Presario 2167EA-DF766A
Presario 2168 Series
Presario 2168EA-DM552A
Presario 2169 Series
Presario 2169EA-DG624A
Presario 2170 Series
Presario 2170CA-DK579A
Presario 2170CA-DK579AR
Presario 2170US-DK587A
Presario 2170US-DK587AR
Presario 2171 Series
Presario 2171EA-DK760A
Presario 2171US-DM726A
Presario 2171US-DM726AR
Presario 2172 Series
Presario 2172AF-DN638A
Presario 2172US-DP455U
Presario 2172US-DP455UR
Presario 2173 Series
Presario 2173EA-DF846A
Presario 2174 Series
Presario 2175 Series
Presario 2175CA-DK580A
Presario 2175CA-DK580AR
Presario 2175EA-DK792A
Presario 2175EU-PB802EA
Presario 2175US-DK576A
Presario 2175US-DK576AR
Presario 2176 Series
Presario 2176RS-DK578A
Presario 2177 Series
Presario 2178 Series
Presario 2178AF-DR019A
Presario 2178CL-DK577A
Presario 2178CL-DK577AR
Presario 2178EA-DM964A
Presario 2179 Series
Presario 2179AF-DR020A
Presario 2180 Series
Presario 2180AF-DR021A
Presario 2180CA-DL402A
Presario 2180CA-DL402AR
Presario 2180EA-DM660A
Presario 2181 Series
Presario 2182 Series
Presario 2182US-DM747A
Presario 2182US-DM747AR
Presario 2183 Series
Presario 2184 Series
Presario 2184AT-DN513S
Presario 2185 Series
Presario 2185AT-DN514S
Presario 2186 Series
Presario 2186AF-DS835A
Presario 2186RS-DP454U
Presario 2187 Series
Presario 2188 Series
Presario 2188CL-DM729A
Presario 2188CL-DM729AR
Presario 2189 Series
Presario 2190 Series
Presario 2190CA-DM731A
Presario 2190CA-DM731AR
Presario 2190US-DM745A
Presario 2190US-DM745AR
Presario 2191 Series
Presario 2192 Series
Presario 2193 Series
Presario 2194 Series
Presario 2194AF-PD952PS
Presario 2195 Series
Presario 2195CA-DM730A
Presario 2195CA-DM730AR
Presario 2195US-DM728A
Presario 2195US-DM728AR
Presario 2196 Series
Presario 2197 Series
Presario 2197CA-DZ400U
Presario 2197CA-DZ400UR
Presario 2198 Series
Presario 2198CA-DS526U
Presario 2198CA-DS526UR
Presario 2199 Series
Presario 2199CA-DS527U
Presario 2199CA-DS527UR
Presario 2199US-DZ414U
Presario 2199US-DZ414UR
Presario 2200 Series
Presario 2200-PF743AV
Presario 2200-PF744AV
Presario 2200LA-PN715LA
Presario 2201AS-PT524PA
Presario 2201US-PM044UA
Presario 2201US-PM044UAR
Presario 2201XX-PH850AS
Presario 2202AL-PM188PC
Presario 2202AS-PT541PA
Presario 2202XX-PH851AS
Presario 2203AL-PM654PS
Presario 2203AP-DY755PA
Presario 2203AS-PT640PA
Presario 2203US-PM046UA
Presario 2203US-PM046UAR
Presario 2204AL-PP559PC
Presario 2204AP-DY756PA
Presario 2204AS-PT641PA
Presario 2204US-PM051UA
Presario 2204US-PM051UAR
Presario 2205AL-PP560PC
Presario 2205AP-DY757PA
Presario 2205AS-PT643PA
Presario 2205LA-PR971LA
Presario 2206AL-PP561PC
Presario 2206AP-DY758PA
Presario 2206AS-PT644PA
Presario 2207AL-PR557PC
Presario 2207AP-DY759PA
Presario 2207AS-PT892PA
Presario 2208AP-DY760PA
Presario 2208AS-PT894PA
Presario 2209AP-DY761PA
Presario 2209CL-PM045UA
Presario 2209CL-PM045UAR
Presario 2210AP-DY762PA
Presario 2210CA-PM048UA
Presario 2210US-PM043UA
Presario 2210US-PM043UAR
Presario 2211AP-DY763PA
Presario 2212AP-PH262PA
Presario 2213AP-PH263PA
Presario 2214AP-PH264PA
Presario 2215AP-PH265PA
Presario 2216AP-PH266PA
Presario 2217AP-PH267PA
Presario 2218AP-PH269PA
Presario 2218RS-PM047UA
Presario 2218RS-PM047UAR
Presario 2219AP-PH270PA
Presario 2220AP-PH271PA
Presario 2221AP-PH272PA
Presario 2222AP-PH273PA
Presario 2223AP-PH274PA
Presario 2223US-PR310UA
Presario 2223US-PR310UAR
Presario 2224AP-PA116PA
Presario 2225AP-PA117PA
Presario 2226AP-PA135PA
Presario 2226CL-PR304UA
Presario 2226CL-PR304UAR
Presario 2227AP-PA136PA
Presario 2227US-PR306UA
Presario 2227US-PR306UAR
Presario 2228AP-PA137PA
Presario 2229AP-PA138PA
Presario 2230AP-PA139PA
Presario 2231AP-PA140PA
Presario 2231US-PR308UA
Presario 2231US-PR308UAR
Presario 2232AP-PA141PA
Presario 2232US-PR309UA
Presario 2232US-PR309UAR
Presario 2233AP-PA142PA
Presario 2234AP-PA143PA
Presario 2235AP-PA144PA
Presario 2236AP-PA145PA
Presario 2236CL-PR305UA
Presario 2236CL-PR305UAR
Presario 2237AP-DY753PA
Presario 2238AP-DY754PA
Presario 2239AP-PD140PA
Presario 2240AP-PD141PA
Presario 2241AP-PD142PA
Presario 2242AP-PD143PA
Presario 2243AP-PH471PA
Presario 2244AP-PH472PA
Presario 2245AP-PH473PA
Presario 2246AP-PD102PA
Presario 2248AP-PN555PA
Presario 2249AP-PN556PA
Presario 2250AP-PN557PA
Presario 2251AP-PN559PA
Presario 2252AP-PN560PA
Presario 2253AP-PN574PA
Presario 2254AP-PN892PA
Presario 2254AP-PN893PA
Presario 2255AP-PN895PA
Presario 2256AP-PN906PA
Presario 2258AP-PN900PA
Presario 2259AP-PN903PA
Presario 2260AP-PN904PA
Presario 2261AP-PP964PA
Presario 2262AP-PP976PA
Presario 2263AP-PP977PA
Presario 2264AP-PP984PA
Presario 2265AP-PP986PA
Presario 2266AP-PP987PA
Presario 2267AP-PP990PA
Presario 2268AP-PP991PA
Presario 2269AP-PT639PA
Presario 2269AS-PT525PA
Presario 2270AP-PT890PA
Presario 2270AS-PV251PA
Presario 2271AS-PV254PA
Presario 2272AS-PV258PA
Presario 2273AS-PV261PA
Presario 2500 Series
Presario 2500-DA733AV
Presario 2500-DA734AV
Presario 2500-DC944AV
Presario 2500-DM369AV
Presario 2500-DP662AV
Presario 2500-DP663AV
Presario 2500AP-DC606A
Presario 2500LA-DC607A
Presario 2501 Series
Presario 2501AP-DE865A
Presario 2501AP-DF856A
Presario 2502 Series
Presario 2502AP-DE866A
Presario 2503 Series
Presario 2503EA-DN839A
Presario 2504 Series
Presario 2504AT-PD219PS
Presario 2504EU-DU590E
Presario 2505 Series
Presario 2505AP-DC720A
Presario 2505AP-DF857A
Presario 2505AT-PD209PS
Presario 2505EA-DG099A
Presario 2505EU-DP884E
Presario 2506 Series
Presario 2506AT-PD210PS
Presario 2506EU-DX723E
Presario 2507 Series
Presario 2507AT-PD211PS
Presario 2507EU-DU593E
Presario 2508 Series

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How long will my compaq Presario 2200 Series batteries last?

The lifespan of a Presario 2200 Series laptop batteries will vary considerably with how it is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature, and other factors.

Does compaq Presario 2200 Series batteries self-discharge when not in use?

All batteries, include Presario 2200 Series laptop batteries, regardless of their chemistry, self-discharge. The rate of self-discharge depends both on the type of laptop battery and the storage temperature the batteries are exposed to. However, for a good estimate, wet flooded deep cycle laptop batteries self-discharge approximately 4% per week at 80F.

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