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Cheap 45N1761 10.8V,6 cell laptop batteries,battery for lenovo 45N1761

1. original battery for lenovo 45N1761, 10.8 voltage, 4400 mAh, 6 cells, Li-ion laptop batteries

Cheap 45N1761 10.8V,6 cell laptop batteries,battery for lenovo 45N1761
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Product ID: 1003768
Battery Type: Li-ion
Property: original battery [?]
Voltage: 10.8 V
Battery capacity: 4400 mAh (6 cell)
Color: black
Warranty: 9 months

Lenovo 45N1761 laptop batteries can replace the following part number:


45N1761 laptop battery is compatible with the following models :

ThinkPad E550 20DFA00UCD
ThinkPad E550 20DFA01RCD
ThinkPad E550 20DFA07SCD
ThinkPad E550 20DFA07TCD
ThinkPad E550 20DFA07WCD
ThinkPad E550 20DFA08RCD
ThinkPad E550(20DFA03SCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA03TCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA03VCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA045CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA047CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA048CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA04ACD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA04BCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA04DCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA04ECD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA04FCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA04HCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA04QCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA04VCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA04WCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA056CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA057CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA058CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA059CD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA05BCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA05DCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA06LCD)
ThinkPad E550(20DFA06MCD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E00001CD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E00007CD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E0A000CD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E0A002CD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E0A008CD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E0A009CD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00DCD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00HCD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00JCD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00KCD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00LCD)
ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00MCD)
ThinkPad E555
ThinkPad E555(20DHA010CD)
ThinkPad E555(20DHA01MCD)
ThinkPad E555(20DHA01QCD)
ThinkPad E560
ThinkPad E560 20EV000MGE
ThinkPad E560 20EVS00500
ThinkPad E560 20EWS00000
ThinkPad E560(20EV001GCD)
ThinkPad E560(20EV001JCD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA00KCD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA00QCD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA00UCD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA00VCD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA019CD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ACD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA01BCD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA01DCD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ECD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA034CD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA035CD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA05CCD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA05GCD)
ThinkPad E560(20EVA063CD)
ThinkPad E560?20EV001GCD?
ThinkPad E560?20EV001JCD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA00KCD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA00QCD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA00UCD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA00VCD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA019CD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA01ACD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA01BCD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA01DCD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA01ECD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA034CD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA035CD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA059CD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA05ACD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA05CCD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA05GCD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA063CD?
ThinkPad E560?20EVA074CD?
ThinkPad E565
ThinkPad E565?00CD?
ThinkPad E565?0HCD?
ThinkPad E565?0NCD?
ThinkPad E565?20EY000LCD?
ThinkPad E565?20EYA002CD?
ThinkPad E565?20EYA004CD?
ThinkPad E565?20EYA00BCD?
ThinkPad E565?20EYA00XCD?
ThinkPad Z51
ThinkPad Z51-70

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How long will my lenovo 45N1761 batteries last?

The lifespan of a 45N1761 laptop batteries will vary considerably with how it is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature, and other factors.

Does lenovo 45N1761 batteries self-discharge when not in use?

All batteries, include 45N1761 laptop batteries, regardless of their chemistry, self-discharge. The rate of self-discharge depends both on the type of laptop battery and the storage temperature the batteries are exposed to. However, for a good estimate, wet flooded deep cycle laptop batteries self-discharge approximately 4% per week at 80F.

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